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The P3 Impact Award Deadline Extended In United States

P3 Impact Award United States

The P3 Impact Award Deadline Extended In US

In the United States Department of Global Partnership (GP), Concordia University of Virginia and Dorden School of Business has extended the application deadline for the seventh annual P3 Impact Award until April 27, 2020. The P3 Impact Award was created in 2014 by three partners to identify and honor public-private partnership best practices that are improving communities in the most effective way. The stakeholders of this year's finalists will receive the following: P3 Connacht to be held before Impact Award judges and a live audience of the prestigious industry, the government on September 20 to 22, 2020 Rdia attend the annual summit and tickets to attend the public. And civil society leaders; Promote each partnership's excellence in publicity and other media coverage, including social media campaigns; And a feature from the Darden School of Ideas to the Action website. Additionally, select early stage partnerships that do not advance as finalists will be invited to participate in the inaugural P3 Impact Awards Accelerator, a special partnership accelerator program called mentorship, expert guidance, exposure, and Designed to advance and support partnerships through networking. The winning partner for the2020 competition The announcement will be made at the 2020 Concordia Annual Summit. The stakeholders of the winning partnership will be recognized on the main stage at the Concord Annual Conference, with other finalists receiving the same benefits; One year of Concordia patron membership; Scholarship to attend a week-long executive education course at the University of Virginia Durden Business School; And an opportunity to be subject to a case study published by Darden Business Publishing. The applications will be reviewed based on the measurable impact of the partnership, economic and social benefits, financial effectiveness, innovation and scalability by an independent panel of judges. The judges will review applications  Five finalists will then be selected in July. Full criteria and application instructions can be found.

US State Department Designated Russian Imperial Movement As Terrorist

US State Department Designated

US Department Of State Blame Russian Imperial Movement As Global Terrorist

The United States Department of State Blame global terrorist, on the members of the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM), and its leadership.  for the first time in history. the US State department has blame as a white supremacist terrorist group. United States President Trump has said our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. we are adding the powerful authority placed by the State Department to counter that voice to the terrorists. According to Executive Order 13886 to RIM and its leaders Stanislav Anatolyyevich Vorobyev, Denis Valiulovich Gariayev, and Nikolay Nikolayevich Trushachlov Nominee, which amends Executive Order 13886 to provide training for acts of terrorism , Which is a threat to national security and the foreign policy of the United States. And these terrorists provide training to carry out attacks. all of their property and interests that are in the United States, have been blocked, and American individuals have ban from joining. RIM is responsible for  paramilitary training to white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Europe and actively works to turn such groups into a common front against their perceived enemies. RIM has two training facilities in St. Petersburg, which are being used for training in woodland and urban attack, tactical weapons and hand-to-hand combat. RIM all administration is in the hands of its founder and overall leader Vorobyev Gariyav, the heads of RIM's paramilitary force, heads the imperial army. Two Swedish people attended RIM's training course; he carried out several bombings targeting a refugee shelter, shelter for asylum seekers and a cafe in Gothenburg, The designations of terrorists,

Vietnamese Fishing Vessel Sinking In South China Sea

Vietnamese Vessel Sinking In South China Sea

Vietnamese Fishing Vessel Tragedy Sinking In South China Sea

The United States is deeply concerned by the report of the PRC sinking of a Vietnamese fishing vessel in the vicinity of the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea. The incident has been emphasized by illegal maritime claims and by its Southeast Asian neighbors in the South China Sea Is the latest in a long string of PRC actions to harm the world. Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, Beijing has brought Cross Reef and has also announced the new "research stations" on the military bases built on Subi Reef and special military aircraft landed at Ferry Cross Reef. The PRC has continued to deploy maritime militias around the Spratly Islands. China's nine-dash line was treated as an unlawful maritime claim by an arbitral tribunal convened under the 1982 Law of the Sea Agreement in July 2016, a position shared by the United states government. We would call the PRC To support international efforts to combat the global epidemic and to expand its illegal claims in the South China Sea Focus to prevent exploitation of the distraction of NewYork state or vulnerability.

Education And Sharing Day United States Of America 2020

Education And Sharing Day U.S.A.

Education And Sharing Day U.S.A. 2020

The President of the United States of America, declares April 5, 2020, as USA Education and Sharing Day, to all government officials, teachers, volunteers and United States Citizens. Donald J. Trump, by virtue of the authority enshrined by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, I call upon all people to observe this day with proper programs, ceremonies and activities. Let the next generation live a life of purpose and importance. Preparing for this purpose is one of our most important responsibilities. Education is essential to curiosity and strengthen the will to learn, education will develop character and prudence, and work collaboratively. On Education and Sharing Day, We pay tribute to family members, teachers, mentors, pastor members and other community leaders in the lives of our nation's youth, Investing through education and kindness and caring for each other. Education and. Sharing day is celebrated in the memory of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Lubavitcher Rebbe, a compassionate and visionary leader whose influence has already passed for more than a quarter century. Continues even after. This year Rabbi Schneider led the 70-year international Chabad-Lubavitch movement, building a faith-based network into a dynamic force for good, affecting millions of people around the world. While he witnessed the unimaginable tragedies that engulfed the world during World War II, the Holocaust, and the persecution and violence of the Cold War, the Lübwicher Rebbe maintained his fundamental belief in the liberating nature of all people's ability and education. Committed to the idea that education should pay more attention "with the emphasis on moral and ethical values, indeed the main motive for building character," he established college campuses and schools and centers for education , And spiritual development communities across our country and around the world. His legacy and lasting commitment to young people continues as an example of selfless service and devotion to all who know the story of his purposeful life. Life inspired by a commitment to unwavering virtue and faith The life and mission of Lubavitch Ribe Was central. When put into practice these values, empower people of all ages to fulfill their unique purpose and to grow and prosper our great nation. On this day, we acknowledge that each person has a unique purpose that can be attained through educationand skills, we need to renew our commitment to support education as a means Should be done by which individuals can  make their future prosperous. Develop your talent, and fulfill your God-given potential. We can work to create a bright future by preserving these foundations of freedom and fellowship for generations to come.

US Aid To International Organizations For COVID-19

Coronavirus COVID-19 In United States

US Support To International Organizations For Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus COVID-19 aid being distributed around the world by UN humanitarian and relief agencies, what you are seeing is the generosity of the American people and the people who share our human values . US are the biggest contributors to International organizations such as the United Nations Children's Fund and the World Food Program. The United States is one of the most generous and credible contributor to Coronavirus COVID-19  crisis, and humanitarian action through the United Nations and dozens of international organizations. US monetary contribution, expertise and technology are indispensable to the effort to deal with COVID-19.

US support to the World Health Organization (WHO)

The United States has been the world's largest supporter of the World Health Organization since its creation in 1948. The contribution to WHO exceeded $ 400 million in 2019, China contributed $ 44 million. The WHO is coordinating the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This broad-based effort for COVID-19 would not have been possible without US support. The United States and other important partners, such as Great Britain, Germany, Japan, and the Gates Foundation.

US support to the United Nations Child Support Fund (UNICEF)

UNICEF was one of the first organizations to provide assistance to Chinese people during the COVID-19 epidemic. on 29 January, UNICEF distributed 6 metric tons of respiratory masks for distribution in Wuhan and protective suits for health workers to Shanghai. This effort would not have been possible without US support. In 2019, UNICEF contributed more than US $ 700 million, compared to China's $ 16 million for UNICEF programs. UNICEF expanded vital medical supplies, water, sanitation and hygiene services and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. UNICEF has been engaged in emergency actions in dozens of countries around the world to educate them about the Coronovirus COVID-19. To promote the health and welfare of children.

US support to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is uniquely vulnerable to the COVID-19 epidemic, and US support to the UNHCR approximately $ 1.7 billion. US making that we care about human suffering, no matter where it is. China contributed $ 1.9 million to United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

US support to the World Food Program (WFP)

The Humanitarian Response Department of The World Food Program, has sent more than 85 shipments to 74 countries to assist with COVID-19 responses, including 1.4 million units of personal protective equipment such as health kits, the United States provided to WFP $ 8 billion for resources, making America the major contributor, and four times the next largest member donation. the WFP maintains its goal to reach 86 million food insecure people this year.

United States Peaceful Democratic Framework For Venezuela

United States And Venezuela Democratic

US Transition Framework For Venezuela

The United States proposed a path to resolve Venezuela's crisis through a peaceful, democratic transition. It is based on proposals made by the Interim Government of Venezuela under the leadership of Juan Guado. US and international pressures are important parts of the strategy. Until the Maduro regime accepts real political changes, our sanctions will remain in effect, and will increase. The United States want to find a solution for the man-made crisis in Venezuela. The urgency for this has become more severe because of the Maduro regime's did not take adequately actions and address the global COVID-19 epidemic. We believe that this structure is for all the people of Venezuela Protects the interests and commonalities of those who seek a solution to the dire political, economic and humanitarian crisis, and who know that Venezuela can do something better. This framework can provide a path that ends suffering and opens the way for a bright future for Venezuela.

United States Impose Four New Restrictions On Iran

United States Restriction On Iran

United States Impose Restrictions On Iran nuclear program

The United States is continue to imposing four new restrictions on the Iranian regime's nuclear program for an additional 60 days. Iran's is not stopping and continued to expansion of nuclear program activities, the United  States will not accept the Iran's nuclear program activities . United States thinks that Iran's Governance's nuclear proliferation is the biggest threat to international peace and security. As the United States President Trump stated earlier this year, Iran will never be allowed to possess nuclear weapons. The United States will continue to use their full range of diplomatic and economic means to stop Iran's nuclear program activities that destabilize Iran. The United States will closely monitor all developments in Iran's nuclear program and can adjust these sanctions at any time.