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U.S. Secretary Of State Pompeo Greetings To Japan’s National Day

U.S. Greetings To Japan’s National Day

United States  Greetings To Japan’s National Day

On behalf of the Government of the United States and the American people, United States Secretary of State R. Pompeo send his heartiest greetings to Emperor Naruhito on the occasion of his 60th birthday on 23 February. The President and I were honored to visit Japan in 2019, and we are thankful for both the Emperor and the Japanese people for their warm welcome. President Trump was the first head of state to continue the legacy of a great relationship started by Emperor Emeritus Akihito, and the President after he ascended the throne with Emperor Naruhito. This year marks a new era of cooperation between the leadership of United States and Japan. This is the beginning as we work together to address both regional and global challenges. Japan and the United States continue to strengthen our stable alliance every day, drawing on our common values and interests to pursue a shared vision for an independent and open Indo-Pacific. We praise Japan's efforts to strengthen democratic institutions, promote sustainable economic development, promote women's empowerment, strengthen the rule of law, and respond to global challenges around the world. Wish the Japanese people peace and prosperity in the year.

United States Sanctions On Rosneft Trading S.A. In Venezuela

U.S. Sanctions On Rosneft Trading S.A. In Venezuela

United States Sanctions On Rosneft Trading S.A. To Protect Venezuela Natural Resources

On February 18, the United States took action to prevent the theft of Venezuelan assets, by the former Maduro regime of Venezuela. And maintain democracy in Venezuela, United States Sanctions to Rosneft Trading S.A., a Swiss-incorporated, Russian Owned oil brokerage firm. Additionally, Didier Casimiro, President and Chairman of the Rosneft Trading Board, who also serves as Vice President of Rosneft for Refining, Petrochemical, Commerce and Logistics, is nominated for acting or for the purpose of acting on behalf of Rosneft Trading As the primary broker of global deals for the sale and transportation of Venezuela crude oil, which is the suppression of the people of Venezuela. In former Maduro regime Venezuela's institutions, economy, and infrastructure were destroyed very badly, while enriching his own and cronies, welcoming the abuse of state power and his support from Russia, as well as Cuba, Iran and China. However, Interim President Juan Guado works with his coalition of international partners towards a better future for the people of Venezuela. , Maduro is increasingly isolated and dependent on the support of a small group of thieving regimes, allied to Venezuelan resources to rob. The people of Venezuela have spoken out boldly against Maduro and his corrupt allies and demand freedom and adherence to the rule of law. The United States is committed to standing with them until democracy and prosperity are restored in Venezuela.

Top 100 Largest Population US Cities In The United States

List of Most Populated Top 100 Largest US Cities In The United States

U.S. Top 100 Most Population Cities List

List of most populated United States Top 100 cities by population. They are the most populated US cities have the largest population over 100 000 in the United States.

8,622,698 –  New York city, New York
3,999,759 –  Los Angeles city, California
2,716,450 – Chicago city, Illinois
2,312,717 –  Houston city, Texas
1,626,078 –  Phoenix city, Arizona
1,580,863 –  Philadelphia city, Pennsylvania
1,511,946 –  San Antonio city, Texas
1,419,516 –  San Diego city, California
1,341,075 –  Dallas city, Texas
1,035,317 –  San Jose city, California
950,715 –  Austin city, Texas
892,062 –  Jacksonville city, Florida
884,363 –  San Francisco city, California
879,170 –  Columbus city, Ohio
874,168 –  Fort Worth city, Texas
863,002 –  Indianapolis city, Indiana
859,035 –  Charlotte city, North Carolina
724,745 –  Seattle city, Washington
704,621 –  Denver city, Colorado
693,972 –  Washington city, District of Columbia
685,094 –  Boston city, Massachusetts
683,577 –  El Paso city, Texas
673,104 –  Detroit city, Michigan
667,560 –  Nashville-Davidson metropolitan government, Tennessee
652,236 –  Memphis city, Tennessee
647,805 –  Portland city, Oregon
643,648 –  Oklahoma City city, Oklahoma
641,676 –  Las Vegas city, Nevada
621,349 –  Louisville/Jefferson County metro government, Kentucky
611,648 –  Baltimore city, Maryland
595,351 –  Milwaukee city, Wisconsin
558,545 –  Albuquerque city, New Mexico
535,677 –  Tucson city, Arizona
527,438 –  Fresno city, California
501,901 –  Sacramento city, California
496,401 –  Mesa city, Arizona
488,943 –  Kansas City city, Missouri
486,290 –  Atlanta city, Georgia
469,450 –  Long Beach city, California
466,893 –  Omaha city, Nebraska
464,758 –  Raleigh city, North Carolina
464,474 –  Colorado Springs city, Colorado
463,347 –  Miami city, Florida
450,435 –  Virginia Beach city, Virginia
425,195 –  Oakland city, California
422,331 –  Minneapolis city, Minnesota
401,800 –  Tulsa city, Oklahoma
396,394 –  Arlington city, Texas
393,292 –  New Orleans city, Louisiana
390,591 –  Wichita city, Kansas
385,525 –  Cleveland city, Ohio
385,430 –  Tampa city, Florida
380,874 –  Bakersfield city, California
366,623 –  Aurora city, Colorado
352,497 –  Anaheim city, California
350,395 –  Urban Honolulu CDP, Hawaii
334,136 –  Santa Ana city, California
327,728 –  Riverside city, California
325,605 –  Corpus Christi city, Texas
321,959 –  Lexington-Fayette urban county, Kentucky
310,496 –  Stockton city, California
308,626 –  St. Louis city, Missouri
306,621 –  St. Paul city, Minnesota
302,539 –  Henderson city, Nevada
302,407 –  Pittsburgh city, Pennsylvania
301,301 –  Cincinnati city, Ohio
294,356 –  Anchorage municipality, Alaska
290,222 –  Greensboro city, North Carolina
286,143 – Plano city, Texas
285,154 –  Newark city, New Jersey
284,736 –  Lincoln city, Nebraska
280,257 –  Orlando city, Florida
277,453 –  Irvine city, California
276,491 –  Toledo city, Ohio
270,753 –  Jersey City city, New Jersey
270,471 –  Chula Vista city, California
267,743 –  Durham city, North Carolina
265,904 –  Fort Wayne city, Indiana
263,255 –  St. Petersburg city, Florida
260,654 –  Laredo city, Texas
258,612 –  Buffalo city, New York
255,214 –  Madison city, Wisconsin
253,888 –  Lubbock city, Texas
253,458 –  Chandler city, Arizona
249,950 –  Scottsdale city, Arizona
248,853 –  Reno city, Nevada
246,709 –  Glendale city, Arizona
244,703 –  Norfolk city, Virginia
244,605 –  Winston-Salem city, North Carolina
242,975 –  North Las Vegas city, Nevada
242,354 –  Gilbert town, Arizona
240,397 –  Chesapeake city, Virginia
240,373 –  Irving city, Texas
239,673 –  Hialeah city, Florida
238,002 –  Garland city, Texas
234,962 –  Fremont city, California
227,032 –  Richmond city, Virginia
226,570 –  Boise City city, Idaho
225,374 –  Baton Rouge city, Louisiana
217,521 –  Des Moines city, Iowa

U.S. President Announces Judicial And Marshal Nominee For United States

U.S. President Donald J.Trump Announces Judicial And Marshal Nominee For United States

United States President Donald Trump Has Announced U.S. President Announces Judicial And Marshal Nominee For United States

Saritha Komatireddy Will Be New Judge For Newyork Eastern District Court

Saritha Komatireddy is working in Eastern District of Newyork Attorney's Office as the Deputy Chief of General Crimes in the United States. Saritha Komatireddy has also served in Eastern District of Newyork Attorney's Office as acting deputy chief of international narcotics and money laundering, and as a computer hacking and intellectual property coordinator in the United States. Ms. Komatireddy previously served as a lawyer in the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the National Commission on Offshore Drilling, and was in private practice at Kellogg, Hansen, Todd, Figel, and Frederick, PLLC. Ms. Komatireddy is a lecturer in law at Columbia Law School and previously taught at George Washington University Law School. Upon graduating from law school, Ms. Komatardi served as the law clerk of then-judge Brett Kavanuagh for the United States Court of Appeals of Columbia Circuit. Ms. Komatardi earned her BA, from Harvard Law School, and her JD, Magna Come Laud from Harvard Law School, where she worked on the Harvard Law Review.

Jennifer Reardon Will Be New Judge For Newyork Southern District Court

Jennifer Reardon is working as the partner in the Litigation and Crisis Management Practice groups at Gibson, Dun & Crutcher, LLP, New York, where she has sued Complex Commercial Cases before United States District Courts and State Courts across the country. Prior to joining Gibson Dunn in 2003, Ms. Reardon practiced in the Atlanta office of Davis, Pollock & Wardwell, LLP and Kings & Spelding, LLP. Ms. Rearden earned a BA, Magna Cum Laude from Yale University and a J.D. from New York University School of Law.

Tyrese Miller Will Be Serve As A Marshal  for the Western District of Tennessee In United States

Tyrese Miller is working as the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police Patrol Operations at the Jackson Tennessee Police Department, where he has served for over 22 years. Mr. Miller started his career in 1997 with the Jackson Police Department and Miller served as Investigator, Sergeant, Captain of the Criminal Investigation Division and the Deputy Chief-Commander of the Investigative Services Bureau before the current promotion. Prior to his law enforcement career, Mr. Miller served in the Marine Corps of the United States. Mr. Miller earned his B.S. From Bethel University.

U.S. State Department Successes On Democracy Human Rights And Labor Issues

U.S. Successes On Democracy Human Rights And Labor Issues

United States, State Department On Democracy Human Rights And Labor Issues

U.S. State Department highlight some of main achievements of Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, as well as talk about some of our priorities. The United States always support of human rights, fundamental freedoms, and human dignity, and those who often defend and protect at great personal risk. The Trump administration has prioritized the protection and promotion of human rights. Iran, China, Russia and Syria, as well as the former Maduro regime in Venezuela, as well as many others countries government, suppressed human rights and fundamental freedoms. Which includes freedom of expression, union, peaceful assembly. And religion or belief. The US continued to take action and will continue to ensure that these and other human rights violations and abuses are not ignored. Our focus is on calling governments and other actors when they commit serious misconduct and pressuring them to be held accountable. We want to lend our voice to the voiceless. As always, we have raised human rights matters and concerns both publicly and privately, bilaterally and multilaterally. We have provided advice and assistance to governments to improve and strengthen our democratic institutions. United States Government have programs funded by local NGOs and citizens to build the foundations for transparent governance, support access to justice, protect human rights. And we have used sanctions where needed to promote accountability and protect civilians from atrocities. The most important work we have done over the past year and a half has been the increasing use of our visa restriction authorities is. Since the beginning of FY2019 - it will be September, 2018 - the State Department has announced more than 100 designations of foreign officials and their immediate family members in every region of the world to be involved in gross human rights violations and corruption. , Department of State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Section 7031 (c) of the Appropriation Act. Similarly, we have found corruption and deterrence under the Global Magnitsky sanctions. Serious has worked closely with the Treasury Department to designate 97 individuals and entities for their role in the abuse of human rights. We have also worked with the Treasury to create six designations under Russia's Magnitsky sanctions program, including a designation of the organizer of the 2015 assassination of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov and other Chechen officials, called collective sanctions and atrocities Was implicated in the terrible campaign of LGBTI persons. We also took punitive action in several other areas of grave concern. In China, the Secretary asked the Communist Party for a wide range of violations and abuses, including the detention of more than 1 million Uigars, ethnic Kazakhs and members of other Muslim minority communities in Xinjiang. Has led a global effort to be attributed. For example, in October, the department announced a new visa ban policy under which we have restricted the visas of Chinese government and Communist Party officials who are believed to be detaining Muslim individuals in Xinjiang Are responsible for keeping or misbehaving. This action was carried out by the Department of Commerce in conjunction with the implementation of export controls at several similar entities. In the Third Committee of the United Nations, we worked with potential partners to develop a joint statement on Xinjiang, on which 23 countries Signed, including Albania, the first organization of the Islamic Cooperation member-state to take action on Xinjiang's human rights Was involved to participate in a joint call. Crisis. In Iran, in his speech on 19 December and elsewhere, Secretary Pompeo has made it clear that the United States and the international community expect the Iranian regime to treat its people with respect, which is the basis of all human beings Is eligible for, and to fulfill human rights obligations and commitments. It is a party both under Iranian law and in treaties, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. To this end, the United States imposed sanctions on several Iranian individuals and entities responsible for human rights abuses in the past year, as well as two Iranian Revolutionary Court judges calling on Iranian citizens and dual citizens for freedom of expression - The bar is punished. Or peaceful assembly. In Venezuela, the United States is trying to support for humanitarian aid, and the legitimate National Assembly and interim President Juan Giado to push for a peaceful, democratic transition in Venezuela. In 2019, we also took significant action on the acute human rights situation in Nicaragua. U.S. State Department restricted visas and Sanctions Executive Order 13851 to many countries. So far, we have imposed restrictions on Vice President Rosario Murillo and other members of the Ortega family. Head of the Nicaragua National Police, President of the Nicaragua National Assembly and Minister of Health among others. By the end of 2019, we had taken action on a total of 15 individuals and five institutions. We have also sought to seize opportunities for reforms in human rights, rule of law, and democratic governance in many countries where inaugurations have taken place. We will continue to prioritize it in the coming year. For example, in Sudan, we supported the first step towards a historic transformation of the country for democratic civil governance. In Ethiopia, we will see Prime Minister Abi's ambitious reform efforts and this year End their support of free and fair elections. In Angola, we have with the government Revived the dialogue of the newcomers and are working closely with it to advance fundamental freedoms and address the corruption that has run that country for so long. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we see President Tseki For a plan to pursue democratic reforms and organize our first human rights dialogue with his government in the near future A. In Bolivia, we are working closely with the transitional government to ensure reliable and fair elections in the coming year. In Armenia, after a historic shift in the Velvet Revolution of 2018, the US has launched a series of corruption To help at the grassroots level in combating, improving governance and political processes and for a transparent, accountable and effective justice sector In Malaysia, we continue to support the reform efforts of the new government while enhancing the capacity of civil society. We enhance the department's ability to identify and respond to significant abuses and atrocity risks. Processed for. In 2019, we conducted the first State Department field training for the prevention of atrocities for US Embassy staff abroad. Held in Johannesburg, South Africa, we trained 52 US government employees working in 28 US embassies and consulates across the US. Beyond prevention of trespass, we also train embassy officials and local employees on labor rights, Such as freedom of association and forced and child labor. In 2019, we coordinated inter-training training sessions on labor in Washington, Bratislava, Kuala Lumpur, Muscat, Mexico City and Addis Ababa for over 125 officers. But there is more work needed to be done on these issues.

U.S. Department of State Announces Fulbright Top Institutions List

U.S. Department of State Fulbright Top Institutions List

U.S. Department of State Fulbright Program

A list of approximately 200 American higher education institutions sending the most Fulbright American students and scholars abroad in the academic year 2019-2020. the Fulbright program's strong institutions highlights the diversity and impact on American communities across the United States. The lists are compiled in collaboration with the US Department of Education and the International Cultural Institute, and are organized by the 2018 Carnegie Classification Topping the list for this year is the list of institutions that have completed the Fulbright program. most American students, faculty, researchers, administrators and established professionals are Fulbright Scholars, Since its inception in 1946, the Fulbright program has delivered more than 390,000 students, scholars, teachers, artists, and professionals of all backgrounds. And to find solutions to important international problems, study and exchange ideas and contribute. to have an opportunity. Faculty and administrators advance professionally as a result of participating in the American Scholars Program. American higher education institutions also benefit from new perspectives from overseas and international collaborations, often leading to discoveries and breakthroughs that have a global impact. A global network of Fulbrighters enhances mutual understanding between the United States and partner countries , Enhances knowledge in communities, and improves life worldwide. More than 8,000 American students, faculty and administrators of American colleges and universities, and foreign students and scholars are given grants each year to study, lecture, research or teach their native language in the fulbright program.

Top Fulbright Institutions List

This year’s Top Institutions List that sent the most U.S. Students abroad For the Fulbright Program

Fulbright Doctoral Institutions

Georgetown University Columbia (District of Columbia)
Pennsylvania State University (Pennsylvania)

Fulbright Master’s Institutions

James Madison University (Virginia)

Appalachian State University (North Carolina)

Fulbright Associate and Baccalaureate Institutions

City University's La Guardia Community College(Newyork)

Harvey Mudd College (California)

Washington and Lee University (Virginia)

Wheaton College (Illinois)

Bates College (Maine)

Fulbright Four Year Special Focus Institutions

Rhode Island School of Design (Rhode Island)
University of California at San Francisco

92nd Academy Awards The Complete List Of Oscars Winners

92nd Academy Awards List Of Oscars Winners

92nd Academy Awards Oscars Winners

Hollywood Film Industry celebrities gathered under one roof to celebrate the 92nd Academy Awards Or Oscars on Sunday night at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California. This oscars award functions recognizes the best works in the film industry, the South Korean film Parasite Bag was seen at most major awards, including the Best Picture award. 'Joker' which was leading with 11 nominations, managed to win 2 awards on the grand stage of all. In the acting categories, Joaquin Phoenix and Renee Zellweger won Best Actor and Actress awards. Apart from him, the surprise performance of rape sensation Eminem became the talk of the town. The Best Oscars winners are,

Complete List Of Oscars Winners

Best Actress Oscars award for Renee Zellweger for ‘Judy’
Best Actor Oscars award for Joaquin Phoenix for ‘Joker’
Best Director Oscars Award for Bong Joon Ho for ‘Parasite’
Best Supporting Actor Oscars Award for Brad Pitt ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’
Best Supporting Actress Oscars award for Laura Dern for ‘Marriage Story’
Best Original Song Oscars award for Elton John for I am Gonna Love Me Again, ‘Rocketman’
Best Original Score Oscars Award for Hildur Gudnadottir for ‘Joker’
Best Original Screenplay Oscars award for Bong Joon Ho and Han Jin Won for ‘Parasite’
Best Adapted Screenplay Oscars award for Taika Waititi for ‘Jojo Rabbit’
Best International Feature Film Oscars Award ‘Parasite’
Beast Animated Feature Film Oscars award for Josh Cooley, Mark Nielsen and Jonas Rivera for ‘Toy Story 4’
Best Animated Short Film Oscars award for Matthew A Cherry and Karen Rupert Toliver ‘Hair Love’
Best Live Action Short Film Oscars award for Marshall Curry for ‘The Neighbors’ Window’
Best Production Design Oscars award for Barbara Ling and Nancy Haigh for ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’
Best Costume Design Oscars award for Jacqueline Durran for ‘Little Women’
Best Documentary Feature film Oscars award for Stven Bogna, Julia Reichert and Jeff Reichert for ‘American Factory’
Best Documentary Short film Oscars award for Carol Dysinger for their short film ‘Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone’
Best Sound Editing Oscars award for Don Sylvester for ‘Ford v Ferrari’
Sound Mixing ‘1917’
Best Cinematography Oscars award for Roger Deakins for ‘1917’
Best Film Editing Oscars award for Michael McCusker and Andrew Buckland for ‘Ford v Ferrari’
Best Visual Effects Oscars award Guillaume Rocheron, Greg Butler and Dominic Tuohy for ‘1917’
Best Make-up and Hairstyling Oscars award for Kazu Hiro, Anne Morgan and Vivian Baker for ‘Bombshell’