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United States Want Democratic Transition in Venezuela

U.S. Democratic Transition in Venezuela

U.S. Support Democratic Transition in Venezuela

On January 21, the United States find, fifteen aircraft related to Venezuela state-owned oil company Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), identified these 15 aircraft as a blocking property. Many of these blocking aircraft have been involved in the persecution of US military flights into Caribbean airspace or have been used to transport senior members of the illicit Maduro regime, which continues to target the people of Venezuela to brutal and dictatorial practices. As a result of this action, American individuals are on notice that they cannot transact with these aircraft - chartering, contracting, refueling, or purchasing them - unless otherwise authorized. The United States has taken this action Executive Order (E.O.) according to 13884, which blocks property and interests in the Venezuelan government's assets. This action impacts US efforts to use targeted sanctions and stable diplomacy to end Maduro's efforts to bring power to power, and to support a Venezuelan transition to democracy, including free and fair presidential elections. And the brutal and dictatorial actions of the people of Venezuela and Maduro, democratic allies around the world Thus are committed to their clear rejection. we support peace restoration, economic stability and rule of law in Venezuela.

United States And Columbia Strengthening Bilateral Partnership

United States And Columbia Strengthening Partnership

United States And Columbia Partnership

The third Western Hemisphere counter-terrorism bilateral minister meetings in Bogota and with senior officials from Colombia and other countries. The Secretary will endorse a strong United states relationship with Colombia to address peace and security for civilians, combat drug production and trafficking, and discuss the humanitarian crisis of Venezuela's refugees.

Counter Terrorism Conference 

The United States will join 20 countries in Bogota to broaden and deepen bilateral and multilateral counter-terrorism cooperation in the Western Hemisphere. two previous Western Hemisphere counter terrorism ministerial meetings held in Washington, DC in December 2018 and in Buenos Aires, Argentina in July 2019. The minister will address the activities of the Iran-backed terrorist pseudo Hezbollah in the hemisphere. Paraguay, Brazil and Peru have arrested several Hezbollah operatives on terrorism, money laundering and other criminal charges over the years. Argentina and Paraguay have approved and designation of Hezbollah and other terrorist groups within the past year, While Honduras and Guatemala have stated their intention to nominate Hezbollah. We appreciate this progress and encourage other countries to follow these examples. Minneal participants will also discuss hosting of the Maduro regime of ELN, FARC dissidents and Hezbollah sympathizers in Venezuela. The US government has certified Venezuela as "not a full counter-terrorism effort by the US" since 2006. Minister participants also consider the one-year anniversary of the attack on a police barrack in Bogota by the ELN terrorist group, In which 22 cadets were killed.

Advance Security Goals

The United States and Colombia enjoy long-term friendships. We officially accredited Colombia as an independent state in 1822, and our first diplomatic presence in Colombia was established in 1823. Colombia remains a strong partner for the United States on terrorism and security issues, including terrorism. And ceasefire are included. We are trying to reduce coca cultivation and cocaine production by 50 percent by the end of 2023. President Duke recently announced that with substantial US aid, Colombia eradicated more than 100,000 hectares of coca in 2019. The United States persevered with Colombia's comprehensive, all-government strategy to address the coca / cocaine problem Supports those who eliminate criminal organizations, reduce drug supply and demand, reduce money laundering, and help in poor rural areas Presence somewhere and economic opportunity is focused on increasing ,Where drug trafficking thrives.

We Believe in Democratic Values, and Prospectivity

US partner in ongoing efforts to help Venezuela in the return to democracy and economic prosperity. Colombia's leadership has been essential for coordinating regional support for interim President Juan Guaido, as well as adopting policies to condemn the misrule of Maduro and to isolate its rule, including the OAS and the Lima group. Raised over $ 251 million to help resolve Colombia Venezuela's crisis and support an estimated 1.63 million Venezuelan refugees. Has spent more than what Colombia hosts. From 2016, the United States has provided more than a billion dollars directly or indirectly for peace implementation by far the largest contribution by any international actor. Colombia is the largest trade and investment partner with large investments in the mining and manufacturing sectors. Colombia is the United States' third largest trading partner in Latin America, with a two-way freight trade of $ 29 billion in 2018. United states owned affiliates account for more than 90,000 jobs in Colombia. We are building on our mutual success under the US-Columbia Trade Promotion Agreement (CTPA). US agricultural exports have more than doubled under the CTPA, reaching a record level of $ 2.91 billion in 2018. This type of trade benefits for both the United States and the Colombians.

U.S. Secretary Pompeo Travels To Germany, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica And Florida

U.S. Secretary Pompeo Travels Germany, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica Florida

United States Secretary Pompeo Travels Germany, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Florida

Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo will travel to Germany, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Florida on January 18–23. Secretary of State Michael R. as part of the UN Special Representative Salute, a three-point plan outlined in the UN Security Council. Pompeo will travel to Berlin on January 19 to attend a joint German-UN international conference. Secretary Pompeo will then arrive in Bogota, Colombia on January 20, two thousand twenty, where he will speak to the Third Western Hemisphere Minister of Counter-Terrorism and President Duke And will meet with other regional leaders. The Secretary will also discuss our strong countercotics cooperation with Colombia. On January 21, two thousand twenty , the Secretary will arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica, where he will meet with President Carlos Alvarado and visit the Joint Operations Center, which facilitates regional law enforcement cooperation. Provides. Costa Rica is very important partner for United States, supports democracy and the rule of law throughout the hemisphere, including Nicaragua and Venezuela. Later that day, Secretary Pompeo will arrive in Jamaica. There, he will hold a meeting with Prime Minister His Holiness, hold a multilateral roundtable discussion with Caribbean leaders, and the U.S. Will comment on Caribbean relations. On January 23, Secretary Pompeo will travel to Miami with Governor DeSantis. Secretary will then travel to Florida to deliver a speech on President Trump's foreign policy before returning to Washington, DC.

United States Secretary Meeting With UAE, Turkish And Egyptian's Top Leaders

United States Secretary Meeting With UAE, Turkish And Egyptian

United States Secretary Meeting With UAE Foreign Minister

Minister of State for External Affairs Michael R. Pompeo met with the UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan in Berlin today. The Secretary and the Foreign Minister discussed the ongoing conflict in Libya. Secretary Pompeo stressed the need for a permanent cease-fire, a return to the UN-facilitated political process and the end of all foreign intervention in Libya. The Secretary and Foreign Minister also discussed the continuing threat of the Islamic Republic of Iran to all countries in the region.

United States Secretary Meeting With Turkish Foreign Minister

Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo discussed Libya, Syria and a series of bilateral issues with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in Berlin today. Secretary Pompio and Foreign Minister Cavusoglu agreed on the urgent need for a permanent ceasefire and a return to the UN-facilitated political process. The Secretary expressed concern about foreign military involvement in the conflict.

United States Secretary Meeting With Egyptian President

Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo met with Egyptian President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi on the Berlin summit today. Secretary Pompeo expressed displeasure over the futile and tragic death of Mustafa Kassem, a US citizen detained in Egypt. On Libya, Secretary and President El-Sisi agreed on the urgent need for a permanent cease-fire and a return to the UN-facilitated political process. Secretary Pompeo emphasized the devastating impact of foreign intervention in Libya.

United States Sanctions IRGC Commander For Human Rights Violations In Iran Protests

US Sanctions IRGC Commander For Human Rights Violations In Iran

U.S. Sanctions IRGC Commander For Human Rights Violations In Iran

Yesterday, the State Department DesignatedGeneral Hassan Shahvarpour, Khuzestan Province’s Vali Asr Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), involvement in widespread human rights violations during protests in November in Mahshahr Iran. According to several media reports and information submitted by Iranians through the state's awards department for judicial tip-line, IRGC units under the command of Shahvarpour killed 148 Iranians when they surrounded protesters fleeing in armored vehicles , Firing machine gun into the crowd. And lighting a fire in the marsh to cover protesters. This U.S. action is taken in accordance with Section 7031 (c) of the Department of State, Foreign Operations and Related Program Appropriation Act, 2020, which allows officers of the United States foreign governments and their Disqualifies the entry of immediate family members, to whom the Secretary of State has his / her partner in the widespread violation of human rights Have reliable information. This demonstrates the United States' commitment to the Iranian people to support their demands for accountability from Iranian officials who committed serious human rights abuses against protesters in November 2019. During the violent repression of protests in November 2019, Irani Governance lives and peaceful in Articles 6 and 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), Violated the rights of the Legislative Assembly, which was signed and ratified by the regime in 1975. The United States listened to the Iranian people, collected information submitted by the common Iranian through the Rewards for Justice tip-line, on evidence. Has followed, and has taken action against this abusive officer, whose actions are only one example of many alleged human rights violations in Iran. The crime was committed during 9's nationwide protests.

United States Mexico Canada Agreement USMCA Passed By Senate

United States Mexico Canada Agreement USMCA

The United States Senate passed the USMCA

The United States Senate passed the USMCA, United States Mexico Canada Agreement, which is also known as the USMCA, which will move to fulfill President Trump's promise to united states to modernize and update trade agreements And brings closer. Mexico has ratified the USMCA, and we now look forward to considering this agreement of the Canadian Parliament. The USMCA will promote prosperity through mutual, balanced and fair trade, encouraging strong economic participation in our three countries. President Donald J. Trump has given another trade victory for American workers with the Senate passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). The trade deal, now ratified by both congressional boards with unprecedented bipartisan support, will replace job-killing 89-10 in the Senate and 385-41 in the House, a massive failure NAFTA - a key promise to the American people Made for The USMCA, which was successfully negotiated by the president a year ago, will lead to an imbalance in trade between the three countries and significant economic and job growth in the United States.

Sixtieth Anniversary Of Mutual Cooperation And Security Treaty Between The United States Of America And Japan

U.S. Japan Pledge On 60th Anniversary Of Mutual Cooperation and Security Treaty

Mutual Cooperation and Security Treaty between the United States of America and Japan 

U.S. Japan Pledge On 60th Anniversary Of Mutual Cooperation and Security Treaty between the United States of America and Japan. The United States Government Secretary of Defense Mark Esper for the Government of the United States of America, and by Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi and Defense Minister Taro Kono for the Government of Japan signing of on the occasion of 60th Anniversary of the Mutual Cooperation and Security Treaty between the United States and Japan. Sixty years ago, on January 19, Japan and the United States signed the Mutual Cooperation and Security Treaty. As we signed the treaty Let's celebrate the 60th anniversary and see the 75 years of friendship and trust between the two nations since the end of World War second. We pay tribute to the predecessors for their wisdom, courage and vision. We also express our gratitude to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces and the Japan Self-Defense Forces for their dedicated service in protecting our shared values and interests. Respect for human rights and our unwavering commitment to an international order based on rules, lies in our alliance Neither has played and will play an integral role in ensuring peace and security of our two countries, a free and open India-shared vision of the Pacific through regional security cooperation. Our alliance is stronger, wider and more urgent than ever. While honoring the achievements of the last 60 years, we reiterate our unwavering commitment to strengthen the alliance and uphold our common values and principles for the future.