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United States 5G Technology Cyber Security Issues

The United States 5G Cyber Security Issues

The United States 5G Cyber Security Issues

The United States, State Department that is responsible for our international engagement in matters of cyber security and the digital economy.  the United States' efforts to promote an open, inter-trusted, reliable and secure cyberspace, and to see technology deployed around the world, including 5G technology, which is secure and reliable. As we Now let's see, almost half of the world's population will now connect to the Internet. We look forward to seeing 3 billion people connected after that. But more than that, the amount of deployment that we have seen, and we have clearly received tremendous economic as growth, trillions of dollars are generated in just one year because we are over-capacity; Greater sharing of data, information, Internationally, the ecosystem we have has improved the supply chain from the Internet. Of course, with those great opportunities, there are big challenges. Internally cyberspace is borderless, so action taken by one country in one part of the world can immediately affect others in other parts of the world, so we must cooperate and coordinate in cyberspace. We must use diplomatic means to ensure that we are coordinated with partners, colleagues and other friends to bring them, and then to ensure stability in cyberspace and to promote and prevent successful activities in cyberspace. Talk to competitors and consultants about. Prevent cyber incidents from occurring that might otherwise disrupt view commerce across cyberspace. One of the most significant achievements of this year on the cooperation front was during the high-level week at the United Nations General Assembly in late September. Deputy Secretary Sullivan led a ministerial engagement where we joined 26 other countries in a joint signing to sign our joint views about sustainability in cyberspace, including, first, the norms of responsible state behavior in cyberspace Committed to responsible state behavior, and crimes against these norms of responsible nation behavior. the United Nations has developed approximately 12 criteria for responsible state behavior. And so the golden rule of those norms is that one nation should not attack the other nation's critical infrastructure that is providing services to the public. We saw that action in recent years, including the launch of the Not Petia attack by Russia in 2018 that neutralized critical infrastructure around the world, along with North Korea's WannaCry ransomware attack Important services were interrupted. Publicly also. That is why we have promoted those norms. We have also joined the post-national cyber strategy, which was released in September of 2018. In the final year of implementation, we are leading the interim to implement our National Cyber Preventive Strategy. We know that our key competitors and consultants in cyberspace see cyber as an asymmetric tool to achieve their ends. . They will use cyber to achieve their political, economic, and even military end in cyberspace, so we must be vigilant in our response to those. And it is important that we continue to develop a global consensus around responsible state behavior in cyberspace. My office is also there to lead our efforts to work with our partners and allies and others, so that they can create fifth generation wireless Educate you about the technology or the risks from 5G. it undermines all of our future critical infrastructure and provides tremendous amounts of data that can be used for artificial intelligence and online services. And enable a whole new set of activities. But of course, when we have so much connectivity, its disruption of sensitive personal data and corporate data - could be put at risk in those networks. This is why we think that we should only be the most reliable for vendors that provide 5G equipment - namely, software and hardware - for those networks.
During the past year, we have worked very closely with European countries in particular, as they are one of the first to exit on 5G.

European Union 5G Risk Assessment

We had an EU risk assessment in early October noting a number of concerns that we are sharing with them, including that due to the nature of 5G there will be a new expanded software attack and those countries need to focus on the risk of third country impact on the vendors for those networks. China have indicated countries that have a national intelligence law that requires a company to take necessary actions by intelligence and security services and do so in secret. Such an effect has been highlighted in the risk assessment in the European Union, and this was further revealed on 3 December by the findings of the European Union Council, which also acknowledged that they would have a legal and policy framework governing the company. Need to see if there will be a vendor for 5G. So we have made a lot of progress in this. There will now be a set of security recommendations, a toolbox that they call for in the EU, likely to arrive from the EU this month or the next few months. So next year we are going to focus a lot on helping European countries implement these security measures. Security for 5G is not just about technical cyber measures that may include encryption, network architecture, configuration. It also focuses on what we call non-technical measures. This is the ability to trust a vendor in the network. It is natural for a vendor in the supply chain to place malicious code across several millions of lines of code and it cannot be discovered through any kind of technical means, so you must trust the network. We have seen that Europeans recognize this and we have started recognizing that concern to governments around the world. So we have made a lot of progress in that area. The third thing that I wanted to highlight was that the State Department is the head of many international communication standards bodies that we engage in worldwide. It was the conference last year at the World Radiocombinancing Conference - Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, which was important as they call their spectrum conference. we identified 17 GHz of millimeter-wave spectrum, which would be very important for the deployment of 5G. which was identified for 5G Spectrum, aligns with the Federal Communications Commission 5G Fast Plan. This means that we will continuously strive around the world to use the same band for 5G to increase the interoperability of devices and the scale of devices that are all using the same band. This was a significant result for us and the continued deployment of 5G in the United States. we are going to start a digital connectivity and cyberspace partnership, which is a way to support us, countries around the world have increased their connectivity and deploy sustainable models for digital infrastructure to do so in a manner that is consistent with open, secure and democratic values.

January 2020 Lunar Eclipse Timing And Effects On Your Life

January 2020 Lunar Eclipse Timing And Astrology Effects

January 2020 Lunar Eclipse Timing And Astrology Effects 

In a while, the lunar cycle allows for a blood moon instead of your normal full moon. When this happens, the feelings intensify, the atricality increases, and there is really no way of knowing what will happen next. An eclipse is a wild card of an astrological event. It can bring sudden and unexpected changes in your life, completely rearrange your path or steer you in the right direction. As the moon takes on the color of the Earth's red shadow, so too the true colors of your life are revealed.
Whatever happens, remember that the January 2020 lunar eclipse will take you to exactly where you are going to be, because fate calls for it. All too often, major life events coincide with an eclipse. This is a time when relationships come together, breaking up as well. This is when you accept your dream opportunity or you finally muster up the courage to quit your job. An eclipse carries such a vast magnitude: lunar nodes (which, in astrology, are known as north and south nodes). During an eclipse, the lunar nodes are illuminated, revealing the person you ask to be, who is no longer meant to be. Because the lunar node is the symbol of energy, an eclipse can be an overall moment for the world. However, it always affects your life in a very personal way. If you are a follower of astrology, then there is a big chance that you have read some very terrible things about the eclipse. All you need to know about an eclipse is that it shines the brightest light on your shadows, revealing a truth you cannot ignore. Once you know the truth, no one retreats. As long as you are ready to embrace change, there is nothing to fear. Lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10 at 2:21 pm. ET, This lunar eclipse activates the Cancer-Capricorn axis, which symbolizes your private life vs. your public life. Since this eclipse occurs in protective, emotional, and caring cancers, it turns out that it will be an incredibly close to home hit, forcing you to reevaluate your vision of mercy, and your own sympathy. How to use However, in order of development, the walls must crash. Sometimes, you need to destroy something so that you have the freedom to create something new. This sentiment has never been applied more than the lunar eclipse of the Cancer zodiac, as it is also creating opposition to the two most male planets in astrology: Saturn and Pluto. Shani is the planet of karma, tradition, discipline and commitment. Pluto is a planet of destruction, passion, power and change. What happens when these two planets join forces with a blood moon? Change in every meaning of the word. In fact, you may feel as if the way you see and see the world - both consciously and subconsciously - is being challenged completely. Let yourself be open to all angles and perspectives. With that being said, you should not let it fill you with images of darkness and sorrow. This lunar eclipse brings the growth of creativity, kindness and spirituality to Neptune as a trine. If you can stop sniffing the roses, counting your blessings, and finding beauty in your situation, your gratitude will go far. Remember that the way you choose to react to your universe will have long lasting implications. Choose to see your situation as an opportunity rather than a tragedy and you will be on the right track.

Tokyo Statement On Quantum Cooperation To United States

Tokyo Statement on Quantum Cooperation to United States Government

Tokyo Statement on Quantum Cooperation to United States Government

Tokyo Statement on Quantum Cooperation recognizing that science, technology and innovation have enabled transformative capabilities in many fields, from energy to health and communications to transportation, the basis of this progress is a global research enterprise, and new knowledge, understanding to continuous creation of insight Quantum Information Science and Technology (QIST) develops sensors with our understanding of fundamental phenomena, as well as the development of powerful computers, secure and rapid communication, and unprecedented accuracy, precision and modalities Assuming that the emergence of such robust techniques does not extend to the theoretical and practical understanding of QIST and for characterization, validation and verification purposes Depends on intensive effort to develop equipment, While acknowledging that the international partnership to expand our fundamental understanding of QIST combines the expertise, ingenuity and creativity of our countries and accelerates the acquisition of new technologies for the benefit of humanity. Which intends to tap the spirit of science, technology and innovation to maintain cooperation and mutual respect, and promote QIST To give, but not be limited to quantum computing, quantum networking and quantum sensing, which underpins the development of society and industry. emphasizing goodwill cooperation, which is our shared Values such as freedom of inquiry, competency-based competition, openness and transparency, less than accountability and reciprocity, and intellectual property, safe and inclusive Promotes environmental protection, rigidity and integrity. In reducing research, research security and administrative burden. To discuss collaboration in places such as workshops, seminars and conferences and to identify the progress of research in QIST, which in turn identified overlapping interests and opportunities for future scientific collaboration. To encourage a respectful research environment, to facilitate multi-disciplinary research and appropriately Incentives to share research methods, infrastructure, and data on being. To support the development of the next generation of scientists and engineers needed to expand the field, which may involve personnel exchange. International importance and Taking advantage of regular multilateral opportunities to discuss QIST matters of related policy issues. By participating countries Exploring other potential activities to be undertaken. We intend to focus on cooperation in the QIST outlined in this approach for the mutual benefit of participating countries and to continue scientific collaboration under their respective leadership.

Influenza Flu Season Across United States

Influenza Flu Season In USA

Influenza Flu Season In U.S.

Flu activity in California is high on Friday, and is being affected in 37 states, of United States of America. including California, Flu activity increases in California in the U.S. Health officials said More than 6 million people have come with the flu so far this season, and 55,000 have had to be hospitalized. The CDC said that between October 1 and December 28, there have been 2,900 flu-related deaths across the United States including 27 children. According to the California Department of Public Health, there have been 54 flu-related deaths in California between September 29 and December 28. There has been a 17% increase from the previous week. Last year, State officials said the number of hospitals is above expected levels. The CDC said the last eight weeks Flu activity has increased across the country. California health officials are urging people to get flu shots, saying that in 6 months All older people should get vaccinated. Health officials said that more than 6 million people have come with the flu so far this season and 55,000 people have to be hospitalized. "We will have to wait and see. That will happen in the coming weeks, we still have half the flu season. And after influenza B there may be other viruses that are here right now.

The Flu Symptoms

Symptoms of the flu Sacramento County Health officials said, the flu is very contagious and causes severe respiratory illness Symptoms include.
Pain in the body,
Pain in the body usually lasts for two to seven days,
Officials said in a statement, "Influenza can cause serious illness or even death in young or old people, or whose health May worsen the situation.