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Jun 4, 2021

Ethics And Morality Facts One Six

Ethics Morality Values Facts usa


Ethics is defined as, what is morally good and bad, morally right and wrong in human behaviour.

Ethics Contribution To Social Wellbeing

Ethics Contribution to Social wellbeing is done by the ethical social work to promote the general welfare of society from local to global levels, and the development of communities to advocate for efforts to fulfill basic human needs, as well as promote all aspects of social justice. The primary goal of the ethics contribution in social wellbeing is addressing societal issues and providing solutions to them, and helping communities as well as individuals.

Ethics Contribution To Human Wellbeing

The major aspect of ethics is to clarify, what is wrong or right for the human interests benefits. the necessary conditions for leading a decent human life to satisfy their needs and lead their lives in coexistence with others. Ethical thought provide freedom, culturally defined values and justice for the wellbeing of the people to find ways to share social benefits and facilitate peaceful life.

With the evolution of technology, the need to continuously update ethical guidelines to fit the modern world concerned about their own ethical decision-making.

Youth Ethics And Active Politics

Young People In india is not taking part in politics because they think that, from the old time politics has to associated with corruption, political manipulation, nepotism and corrupt character of political leaders. they only knows that politics is the game of muscle and money power, young people with ethical values and conduct will not be successful in these days politics. young people do not take part in politics because of unethical corrupt politician pursuance of power, young people think that their ethical power cannot compete with the money and muscle power of corrupt politician in modern days, also they fear spoiling their clean reputation due to the dirty game of politics.

Motivate Youth To Take Part In Politics

We should motivate youngsters to joining the politics through following ways,

we should create sense of duty and responsibilities towards the country, and learn them by entering into the politics, they can change corrupt system and politics.

Encourage participation in political debates in school and colleges.

We should conduct college and university elections among students to raise political awareness.

Bringing good leaders excellent work to limelight in public discourse, and punishment of corrupt leaders.

Political parties should create like youth wings plateform for the young people to share their ideas, voice, grievances and experiment in political matters.

The government and political parties should work together for provide career pathways and guidance to enter politics in the future.