Jan 31, 2023

United States Of America President’s Emergency Plan

United States America President’s Emergency Plan

United States President’s Emergency Plan 

Twenty years ago today, President George W. Bush introduced the introduction of the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).  Since that ancient announcement, the human beings of the United States supplied greater than $100 billion to save more than 25 million lives and contributed to the resilient public and neighborhood fitness systems for these days and the future. Working with partner governments, multilateral and regional institutions, human beings residing with HIV/AIDS, NGOs, and different stakeholders, we are confident that we can continue that progress and get rid of HIV/AIDS as a public fitness chance via 2030. With bipartisan support from the United States Congress and the generosity of the American people, PEPFAR has provided over 20.1 million people with life-saving HIV treatment in over 55 countries. These efforts have built, and continue to build, a greater fitness infrastructure in many countries, enhancing fitness safety and responses to other health crises such as COVID-19, mpox, and Ebola.

However, we understand that development in ending the HIV/AIDS pandemic can be easily reversed without focused, sustained, and equitable action. We can't attain our intention to quit HIV/AIDS as a international fitness chance if we deny people’s rights or if we enable stigmatization and discrimination towards humans living with HIV/AIDS or those who are most prone to obtaining HIV. As President Biden declared on World AIDS Day 2022, “[W]e ultimately have the scientific understanding, treatments, and tools to build an AIDS-free future where anybody – no be counted who they are, the place they come from, or whom they love – can get the care and recognize they deserve.” Our Administration is committed to making sure all LGBTQI individuals are handled with dignity and respect, closing pernicious gender gaps, and ending HIV/AIDS as a public health risk by way of 2030. It is incumbent upon us to hold progress, follow the science, and tackle disparities and inequitable get entry to to reap our shared goals. Thank you to the many human beings throughout the world who have helped PEPFAR be triumphant over the previous twenty years and who are joining me nowadays in recommitting to stop HIV/AIDS as a public fitness danger by way of 2030. We seem to be forward to marking PEPFAR’s twenty years of influence during 2023.