Jan 25, 2023

United States Chairship For the 2023 Freedom Online Coalition

United States Chairship For Freedom Online Coalition

United States Chairship 2023 Freedom Online Coalition

The United States Assumes the 2023 Chairship of the Freedom Online Coalition, This month, the United States assumed the Chairship of the Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) for 2023. The FOC is a coalition of governments working together to guide internet freedom and promote respect for human rights, along with the freedoms of expression, association, and peaceable assembly, as well as privateness rights, each on-line and offline.  As announced by means of Secretary of State Antony Blinken closing June and in line with the United States’ commitment at the December 2021 Summit for Democracy, the United States is committed to strengthening the coalition and collaborating with contributors to form the standards and norms that govern new applied sciences that underpin an open, interoperable, secure, and reliable Internet.  During its Chairship, the United States seeks to prioritize defending fundamental freedoms online; countering digital authoritarianism and the misuse of digital technologies; advancing norms, principles, and safeguards involving synthetic intelligence; and strengthening digital inclusion.  As a founding member of the coalition, the United States has supported the work of the FOC considering its inception in 2011. The Chairship will construct upon the Canadian Government’s management in 2022 to update high-level concepts for Internet freedom as formalized in the recently published Ottawa Agenda. Under the United States  Chairship, the FOC remains steadfast in addressing key challenges to Internet freedom and is committed to working to promote and shield human rights online globally. The FOC’s work also forms the basis of the human rights pillar of the Declaration for the Future of the Internet, which was once launched by using the White House and 60 different countries final year.  In 2023, the United States  Chairship will be supported with the aid of the Friends of the Chair, comprising Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, who will provide recommendation and guide in effectively enforcing the Program of Action. In addition, the FOC’s diplomatic networks in Geneva, Paris, and New York will facilitate coordination and engagement in applicable global and regional for United States  and allow members to share information, opportunities, and issUnited States about modern-day traits round Internet freedom.