Jan 29, 2023

The United States Egypt Relationship

United States Egypt Relationship

United States Egypt Relationship

A historical strong and developing partnership, As the United States and Egypt mark greater than a century of diplomatic cooperation and friendship, the United States stands with Egypt and the Egyptian humans to promote regional security, bolster monetary resilience, improve people-to-people ties, address the climate crisis, reinforce a essential defense partnership, and help Egyptians in their pursuit of a prosperous future which protects necessary freedoms for all.


The United States and Egypt are cooperating carefully to de-escalate conflicts and promote sustainable peace, which includes through aiding UN mediation to allow elections in Libya as quickly as feasible and restoring a civilian-led transition in Sudan via the Framework Political Agreement.  The United States and Egypt share an unwavering commitment to a negotiated two-state answer as the solely route to a lasting decision of the Israeli-Palestinian warfare and equal measures   Building on Egypt’s transformational peace with Israel, the United States and Egypt are partnering to foster further regional cooperation, which includes thru the Negev Forum process.  The United States is engaged with Egypt, as well as Sudan and Ethiopia, to improve a swift diplomatic resolution on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam that safeguards the pastimes of the three parties.


The United States and Egypt have a shared dedication to strengthening bilateral monetary cooperation for the mutual advantage of the American and Egyptian people, together with through increasing trade, increasing personal area investments, and taking part on smooth power and local weather technology.  The United States has invested $600 million to digitize Egypt’s telecommunications sector, and Egypt has imported $5.9 billion from the United States to construct, expand, and modernize Egyptian infrastructure to meet the wants of a developing population.  As Egypt continues to confront the world repercussions of Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine and resulting food insecurity, the United States commends Egypt for concluding agreement with the International Monetary Fund on December 16, 2022 that is essential to stabilizing its financial system and enabling vital reforms.  The United States and Egypt have committed to establishing a Joint Economic Commission that will in addition enhance cooperation on all economic and commercial issues.


More than 20,000 Egyptians have participated in  United States  government trade programs, and 450 Egyptians tour to the United States annually on expert and tutorial alternate programs facilitated by using  United States  Embassy Cairo. The mission’s English language programming reaches lots of college students and instructors across Egypt, which includes at Al-Azhar University and affiliated institutions.  As committed partners in preserving, restoring, and defending Egypt’s cultural heritage, the United States and Egypt in November 2021 renewed a Memorandum of Understanding that strengthens protections for Egypt’s  


The United States welcomes Egypt’s ongoing management thru the COP27 presidency to speed up global ambition and action to address the local weather crisis.  The United States and Egypt aid the Global Methane Pledge (GMP) and the new GMP Energy Pathway, which Egypt has joined with respect to the oil and gasoline sector.  The United States and Egypt co-lead the new partnership on Adaptation in Africa, which is focused on concrete initiatives to assist build resilience in a changing climate.  The United States is providing $10 million to assist the launch of the Cairo Center for Learning and Excellence on Adaptation and Resilience, which will build adaptation capability across Africa.  At COP27, the United States together with Germany introduced extra than $250 million to speed up Egypt’s strength transition thru the deployment of 10 gigs watts of new wind and solar energy initiatives and the decommissioning of five gig awards of inefficient herbal gasoline generation.  


Egypt is a valued  United States  companion in counterterrorism, anti-trafficking, and regional security operations, which increase each  United States  and Egyptian security. The decades-long protection partnership is a pillar for regional stability. Since 1978, the United States has contributed more than $50 billion in army assistance, which has contributed to Egypt’s skills to shield and defend its land and maritime borders and to confront an evolving terrorist threat, which includes in the Sinai Peninsula. The United States and Egypt mounted diplomatic members of the family in 1922 in a letter from President Warren G. Harding to King Ahmed Fuad, and over the last century, this deep partnership has established bendy to altering circumstances as Egypt seeks to build a stable and affluent future  The United States firmly believes necessary partnerships like the  United States -Egypt relationship are improved when there is a shared commitment to human rights.  With e keep an energetic speak that seeks to strengthen tangible steps to promote freedom of expression, stop political detention and beef up the rule of law, and undertake vital judicial reforms, which include with recognize to pre-trial detention reforms, in line with Egypt’s National Strategy on Human Rights.