Jan 30, 2023

Secretary Antony J. Blinken Remarks On Israel Visit

Secretary Antony J. Blinken Remarks Visit

Secretary Antony J. Blinken Remarks 

SECRETARY BLINKEN: Good afternoon, everyone. As you can see, I’ve simply landed in Israel at what is a pivotal moment. I’m very much happy to great deal looking ahead to getting into my discussions, but I simply wanted to offer a few phrases at once upon landing. Part of that prayer reads, “Your first-rate love evokes me to enter Your house, to worship in Your holy sanctuary, filled with awe for You. I love Your house.” Seven people had been killed in Friday’s terrorist assault in Neve Yaakov; many greater had been wounded. Most were leaving a synagogue after prayer. To the families of the victims, we categorical our most heartfelt condolences understanding that we can by no means comprehend the depth of your loss. May the reminiscence of your loved ones be a blessing. To take an harmless lifestyles in an act of terrorism is continually a heinous crime, but to target humans backyard their area of worship is especially shocking. For each and every faith, the house of worship is hallowed. It’s a area of communion, of awe, and, as Ma Tovu reminds us, of love. So Friday’s assault was once more than an attack on individuals; it was once additionally an attack on the generic act of practising one’s faith. We condemn it in the strongest terms. We also condemn the subsequent terrorist assault in Jerusalem on Saturday in which a father and son have been wounded. And we condemn all these who have a good time these and any other acts of terrorism that take harmless lives, no rely who the sufferer is or what they believe. Calls for vengeance against extra harmless victims are now not the answer and acts of retaliatory violence in opposition to civilians are by no means justified. It’s the duty of each person to take steps to calm tensions as an alternative than inflame them, to work toward a day when human beings no longer experience afraid in their communities, in their homes, in their locations of worship. That is the solely way to halt the rising tide of violence that has taken too many lives – too many Israelis, too many Palestinians. I’ll make that clear in the course of my time in Israel and the West Bank with everyone that I meet. Friday’s attack passed off on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day when we mourn the 6 million Jews killed in the Shoah and devote ourselves anew to rooting out the hatred and dehumanization that makes such unspeakable crimes possible, to make sure that history by no means repeats itself. All of us ought to recommit to that responsibility. We will not decrease from it; we will upward thrust to meet it.