Aug 10, 2022

United States International Relations Conversation

United States International Relation

United States International Relations

United States have confirmed the good state of international relations between South Africa and the United States of America. It is a large international relations in which both the states cooperate with a wide range of sectors. We have had reports from four committees that relate to our strategic bilateral structure. We should have this type of political dialogue as a regular basis, but there is a gap. we had for about eight years. But we agreed that this will happen, a trade that takes place on a strategic basis. United States have had many opportunities to have meetings and conversations with Secretary Blinken, and we have always found him open to listening and sharing his perspective on various world affairs. United States and South Africa have a common vision, a Strategic Dialogue, to join together, and I just want to add that there are almost 50 officials and experts from across the United States government, and it's really our testament to the partnership between South Africa and the United States of America. I'm also very happy to be joined today by our ambassador-designate to South Africa, Reuben Brigety, who has arrived at the time of this new visit and will very shortly present the documents to the president. I think for many Americans and I include myself among them, South Africa holds a special place in our hearts. I was here last time with President Obama in 2013, and I still remember his words about how South Africa and the United States have been linked throughout our history, how the freedom fighters of our Civil Rights movement inspired the fighters back in the United States. freedom and equality here in South Africa and how the anti-Apartheid movement here in turn inspired a generation of activists in the United States and beyond. And maybe I had to think about yesterday because a little earlier - those of you who were with us at the Hector Pieterson Museum in Soweto honoring the 12-year-old boy who was killed by the police in 1976 during anti-Apartheid protests. His famous sister Antoinette met us at the museum, and one of the things she talked to me about was how badly her brother lacked education for himself, for her, for all the children in the community. Hector and the others value every child everywhere. That grave injustice is fueling global action for justice and equality another demonstration of how what happens in South Africa reverberates well beyond South Africa, indeed around the world. And still today, as two great constitutional democracies, our nations continue to challenge that all of our people can participate fully and freely in our political systems and have equal access to justice and economic opportunity. Even here, I think our countries can learn from each other and I hope we can progress together. Today, South Africa is a leading global voice on global health, the climate crisis, democracy, security, and many other issues. South Africa economy is famous for its cutting-edge technology section, for its pioneering work in medicine. A very attractive press is counted among the most free in the world. The cultural contributions are immense. Universities attract students almost everywhere. In short, what is happening here and the reason we are here is because what happens in South Africa really shapes the world. And that is why we are committed to this partnership, because we fundamentally believe that together we can deliver more progress to the people of our two countries and to many others across a whole range of issues that are most relevant to their lives and their future.