Aug 11, 2022

United States And Vietnam Energy Security Cooperation

United States And Vietnam Energy

United States And Vietnam Cooperation On Energy Security

United States and Vietnam Continue Cooperation on Energy Security, the governments of the United States and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam concluded the fourth United States-Vietnam Energy Security Dialogue. The delegations of Vietnam and the United States met in Washington, DC for the fourth annual Vietnam-Vietnam Energy Security Dialogue on July 26. Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Vice Minister Dang Hoang An and State Department Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR) Senior Bureau Official Harry Kamian led the delegations. The delegations discussed key areas for continued clean bilateral energy cooperation, as well as the potential for market development; energy conservation and efficiency; to be delivered; I store power; and the steps necessary for an energy transition that achieves zero emissions by 2050. Vietnam and the United States discuss the future of advanced clean energy technologies, such as wind, nuclear, hydrogen, electric vehicles, and battery energy storage, as well as Vietnam's consideration of natural gas shares melted Delegations received the participation of private sector representatives from CLASP, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. The ENR Power Sector Program highlighted ongoing technical and regulatory efforts in support of the Japan-U.S.-Mekong Power Partnership. In addition, ENR invited Vietnam to study two resource markets and renewable energy in the United States. This year's tours will be conducted and led by the National Association of Utility Regulatory Commissioners and the US Energy Association with other participating partners. Dominion Energy representatives shared valuable insight with the delegation about the company's experience in US offshore development. ENR also highlighted that AES Corporation intends to pursue the development of wind in Vietnam, another reflection of the commercial partnership between the United States and Vietnam in the world. The USTDA Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has announced grants given to the National Power Transmission Corporation of Vietnam (NPT) for technical assistance to promote high-tech technology in Vietnam. NPT selected Connecticut-based Actionable Strategies LLC to provide assistance. Also during the visit, on July 26, the Vice Minister chaired a roundtable on sustainable energy development organized by the US-ASEAN Business Council.