Aug 13, 2022

Six Sigma Belt Levels

What Six Sigma Belt

Six Sigma

Six Sigma tools and techniques are used to improve production processes, eliminate defects and ensure quality. Six Sigma is first developed by Bill Smith in 1986. Later, engineers aimed to help improve company systems that did not meet quality standards at that time. Six Sigma implemented approach based on statistics and quality control methods taught by Walter Shewhart, Ronald Fisher, and Edwards Deming, who were, Walter Shewhart pioneered in the field of statistical quality control (SQC) and also came up with the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) model. Edwards Deming is credited with developing sampling techniques used by the Census Department and the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States. Sir Ronald Fisher's work popularized many statistical techniques that are used today. For example, Student's distribution, P value, F distribution among others.

Six Sigma Belt Levels

There are six different certification levels, including, White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt.

Six Sigma White Belt

Six Sigma White Belt is a basic Six Sigma certification degree that deals with the main concepts of Six Sigma. White belts support change management in government and work with local problem-solving teams that support initiatives.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt

At the six sigma yellow Belt level, you know the specifics of Six Sigma, how and where to use it. You will support project teams in problem solving roles.

Six Sigma Green Belt

At Six Sigma Green Belt level, you understand advanced analysis and can analyze problems that affect quality. Green belts lead projects and black belts assist with data collection and analysis.

Six Sigma Black Belt

Black belts are for the experts and agents of change. In Black belts  the expert add the principles, provide projects training.

Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Master Black Belt is the ultimate Six Sigma achievement. At this level you will form a strategy, develop key metrics, act as a consultant and coach for black and green belts.