Jul 1, 2022

Group Decision Making Techniques Brainstorming


Group Decision Making
Group Decision Making 

Group Decision Making

When a number of individuals meet together to discuss a common objective is called a group. The group decision making techniques are the interaction between the groups members, who meet face-to-face and discuss on both verbal and nonverbal interaction to communicate with each other. In group decision making techniques, the group members share their ideas, knowledge, expertise and experience to try discover and evaluate creative alternatives to solve a complicated problem. Group-Decision-Making brings more knowledge and expertise at the time of decision making collectively.

Group Decision Making Techniques 

Group decision-making techniques are used by group leaders in idea generation regarding a complicated business problem solutions. The creativity, knowledge and expertise of the group members reduce the risks associated with the decision. The following techniques used for group decision making, which are discussed in detail below.


Delphi Technique.

Nominal Group Technique (NGT).

Fish Bowling.

Electronic Meeting.

Devils Advocacy.

Didactic Interaction.


Brainstorming technique of group decision-making given by the Alex Osborn, in brainstorming  technique a pool of ideas are generated for clearly states problem in a judgement-free environment. The members of group are asked to generate as many ideas as possible spontaneously, without criticism, comments, and judgements during the brainstorming process. All the ideas given by the group members are are recorded and evaluated by the manager later on. In brainstorming group decision making technique a large number of creative ideas are generated. brainstorming technique is carried out in a bias-free environment. Brainstorming technique for decision making results in a low cost per idea. The size of the group is small, which leads to increased participation of group members. In brainstorming group decision making technique there is no restriction or judgement, for quality ideas. The idea is acceptable to all. In the end of the brainstorming, no plan or solution is generated,except a list of ideas for the manager.

Delphi Technique

Delphi group decision making technique is a planning process,judgement and solutions are obtained through e-mails, other methods and questionnaires by the group members without physical interaction. Norman C.Dalkey and his associates developed delphi technique. In delphi technique the group coordinator sends the delphi question and questionnaires to the group members and asked to share their ideas or solutions for the given problem. The group members write down their views, ideas, possible solutions and their answers to the group coordinator for the analysis of first response,feedback and second enquiry. The group coordinator analyzes previous questions and prepares another questionnaire for more refined solutions, clarification, agreements & disagreements, the group members again send their responses to the coordinator, delphi process continues until the group members reach out a suitable solution.

Nominal Group Technique (NGT)

Nominal group decision-making technique does not involve interaction between the group members. group members are present but don’t interact with each other so it is called nominal technique. The group members write their ideas without any discussion and noted on a chart one by one without any criticism. And in the last a written vote is taken from the group members.

Fish Bowling

In the Fish-Bowling group decision making technique all the group members sit in a circle and one of the group members sits at the centre, who is the decision-maker. Who sits in the centre suggests a solution for the given problem. All the members ask questions and critically evaluate the solution suggested by the person, who was in the centre. The group members cannot interact with each other, in the end all the views are expressed, and the ones with conses are selected.

Electronic Meeting

Electronic-meeting group decision making technique is a mix of nominal group technique and technology. The electronics meetings are conducted through an electronic medium. problem is shared online with the group members, and the group members submit their responses. The agreement and disagreements in the electronic meetings are shared through votes.

Devils Advocacy

Devils Advocacy group decision making technique appoints two group members as devils. These devils decision-making process discusse every possible loophole in the solution of the problem.

Didactic Interaction

Didactic Interaction group decision making technique is divided entire group into two parts, one part is in favour of the decision and the other part presents points against the decision.