Jun 25, 2022

What Is Personality Five Traits Predict Work Behaviour

Personality Five Traits Predict Work Behaviour

Personality Five Traits

What Is Personality

Personality is the qualities of a person that make him different from other person. Personality have a strong, interesting and attractive character. Personality is characterized by attitudes, cognitions, and emotions that highlight biological and environmental factors. While there is almost no clear definition of personality, most theories focus on stimulus and psychological interactions with the surroundings. The study of personality called personality psychology, that explain the differences in behavior to the study of personality, including biological, cognitive, and social theories.

The Big Five Personality Traits

The big five personality traits that predict work behaviour of a person are

Openness to Experience

Openness to Experience line is often used for the depth of someone's mental experience or imagination. A person's desire is to try new things, make room for them, and think of them. The men who eat high in this province are generally artful and curious, while those who go lowly are wont to be conventional and abide in comfort zones.


This notation measures someone's reliability and consistency. Someone who scores higher in this area is a more program organized, tends to control movements and is generally very organized. They usually see success in school and excel as a leader. Those who describe below in this area are more likely to rush up and down on assignments.


The extraversion of contacts indicates how social and talkative a person is. Those who are high in provocation are generally more assertive, rely on socially and reinvigorate their relationships with people, while those who are lesser seek more solitude and introspection.


Concordance shows how one can get along well with others. Men in this craft are wont to be lazy, grateful, friendly, loving, and those who are inferior, dull, rude, and sarcastic.


The last feature of the personality trait is also known as movement stability. It measures how well a person can control emotions such as anxiety and sadness. High scoring in this area indicates that someone is prone to emotions and even self-esteem. Those who receive a humble name are perhaps more confident and more daring.