Jun 19, 2022

Globalisation At Cross Roads Vs Neo-Nationalism

Globalisation Cross Roads Neo-Nationalism

Globalisation Vs Neo-Nationalism

Globalisation At Cross Roads

Globalisation can be defined as the multi national companies interchangeable activities such as economic, socio-cultural, financial, and technical across the different nations all over the world. globlization establish globally integrated supply chains systems. China, emerged as the largest supplier in the world by exports of over $2.5 trillion. Disruptions of global supply chains due to worldwide lockdowns and the overdependence on China are the concerns for the entire global production networks based on supply chain systems. Lack of transparency shown by the China raised the distrust among its trading partners. the 70-year-old American-led international economy and The China's parallel international institutions, divided the world between two competing global economies. Whatever happens in the decade between 2008 to 2018 in the balance of economic power. North America and Europe which comprised around 15% of the world’s population, accounted over 57% of total world economic activity, 61% of investment in the world economy, nearly 50% of manufacturing and 61% of global consumer spending in the world economy. But now the centre of the world’s economy has shifted, around 60% of production, manufacturing, trade and investment was located outside the United States and west, which raise new questions for the United States and European global governance and geopolitics in the field of economy. Globalisation seems at a cross roads by international organisations and multilateral frameworks emerging geopolitical power. 

Neo-Nationalism Impacts

Neo-Nationalism is the feeling of reshaping the nation into capable, smarter, and stronger ideal unit.Neo-nationalism is a complicated concept based on the doctrine of self-reliance, which focus on the national integrity. Neo-nationalism has both benefits and drawbacks in the current 21st century. Neo-nationalism is a variant political philosophy. Neo-nationalism is always exist in the form of cosmopolitan in every city of the world. The neo-nationalism give rise to radical rightist parties. Which create racial discrimination distinct hate towards non-populists communities people in neo-nationalist countries. Centralist and moderates give idea to the combination of neo-nationalism and globalization for future peace and prosperity. Neo-nationalism is a tool to promote and develop national integrity and the path of prosperity by promoting national unity. neo- nationalisma should be adopted by any country and its citizen with proper care and precaution. Neo Nationalism impact on multicultural heterogeneous Indian society, communities and groups build a new image of India in this globalization era.