Jun 23, 2022

E-commerce Supply Chain Management Strategies In Lockdown

E-commerce Supply Chain Management Strategies
E-commerce Supply Chain Management

E-commerce Supply Chain Management In Lockdown

In the COVID-19 lockdown leading e-commerce companies Amazon and Flipkart are taking various measures to secure the supply chains management. protect their employees by taking the right precautions and implemented a preventative health measures for all employees. increased cleaning sanitisation facilities of all door handles, stairway handrails, elevator buttons, lockers, and touch screens globally for safeguarding fulfilment network and delivery teams. Following WHO guidelines in all warehouse and constantly monitoring the health of employees and delivery associates. e-commerce firms like amazon and flipkart are gearing up its supply-chain and logistics network to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. the two e-commerce giants Amazon and Flipkart have invested heavily in strengthening their supply chains management warehousing capabilities. They have expanded their logistic hubs in Tier-2 and Tier-3 towns. They follow the global WHO norms, and ensured that its all delivery partners are fully vaccinated. Since the beginning of the Corona COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the major e-commerce companies have implemented a series of preventative health measures for all supply chains management. E-commerce giants like amazon and flipkart pointed out that they are working to achieve a fully vaccinated supply-chain workforce. The e-commerce giant added that they are undertaking strict hygiene measures and conducting relevant training schedules for its employees, according to the guidelines announced by the WHO, and the governments. They are providing a well sanitised supply-chain, initiatives like contact-less deliveries, and healthy safe delivery process, in the most hygienic and safe manner. B2B logistics platforms invested in the localised logistics network to ensure a smooth supply-chain operation. During the entire period of COVID-19, lockdown digital B2B e-commerce platforms like amazon and flipkart have keep the supply chains running by ensuring goods reach the buyers on right time. during a critical period of COVID-19 lockdown the B2B ecommerce revolution to grow their businesses and supply chain management scaling and getting the products in the hands of users safe and fast. E-commerce companies added the safety of customers and riders by encouraging a non-cash-on-delivery orders, contactless delivery, deploy double vaccinated fleet and deliver PPE kits in specific clusters. Though the entire Covid-19 lockdown period, the e-commerce companies like amazon and flipkart are well-prepared to continue and expand the supply chains operations smoothly as per guidelines issued by Who and various state and central governments and agencies without any impact to brands and customers.