May 3, 2022

Probity In Public Life

Probity integrity In Public Life
Probity In Public Life

Probity And Integrity In Public Life

probity in public life is the highest ethical moral quality for the elected or appointed public servants. who hold public affairs office, it is required to maintain probity in their conduct for the public trust. Probity quality prevent the nation from corruption by politicians and public officials, who have unrestricted access to public resources and assets with power to take decisions for the well-being of the people and nation, their decision greatly impact on the lives of people as well as the whole nation. those are in the positions of power can abuse their positions to take benefit themselves or friends and family, instead of taking decision infavour of people. The lack of of integrity and probity in public life lead to corruption. The impact of probity is the most pervasive in small states. The lack of probity in politician and public servants results the unfavourable economies of scale and high per capita cost of government. Leaders without probity quality will exploit the public resources to enrich themselves at the expense of the country. The effects of corruption due to the lack of probity in public servant and political leaders are documented, In Latin America and the Caribbean Inter-American Development Bank that estimated loss due to corruption is average of 10% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In some nations this proportion of corruption are as high as one quarter of gdp. the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)  considered corruption as one of the main obstacles for the development in small and developing countries. It cannot be assumed that all the leaders and the public servants are engage in corruption. The majority of public officials both elected and appointed have probity in dedicated service to the country. They keep alive the traditions of selfless public service and these officials should be encouraged their contributions recognition. Rooting out corruption by one big swoop or legislation alone, from any country is not an easy task. It required a national objective by the citizens, government, political parties, the private sector, civil society, religious leaders and, most importantly by the media, to ensure highest standard of probity behaviour, accountability and transparency in governance across all aspects of society. 

Every person in public life should have probity quality and declaration his income assets and liabilities. Every person in public life should follow the Code of Conduct, of their public duties ethics values behaviour. breach of the Code of Conduct, should be punishable criminal offence by a fine or imprisonment, or both. highest standard of probity behaviour should be in elected or appoint people for the serve of public interest.