May 20, 2022

Moral And Political Attitude In Present Politics Scenario

Moral Attitude Political Attitude Present Politics Scenario

Attitude Meaning Definition

Attitudes Can be defined as views, beliefs, and evaluations of people about something or object. The object can be a person, place, thing, ideology, or an event for which attitudes can be positive or negative. Attitude is formed by the influence of society's experiences, which can be positive, negative, and neutral attitudes towards any person, things or object. our negative or neutral attitude due to the past experiences can be changed to a positive attitude. There are various methods or techniques for changing the negative attitude into the positive attitude. Attitudes are very important for an individual, because they guide individual's thought, behaviour, and feelings towards any person, event, idea or object. attitudes of any person are useful for mediate between a person’s internal needs and the external environment to achieve their basic goals.

Moral Attitude

Moral attitudes are tells us about the moral beliefs, what is right and what is wrong action. Moral attitudes are more stronger than the moral principles. Moral attitudes are the highest ethical natural values, which include Goodness, purity, truthfulness, and humanity. Moral attitudes can be different person to person, which depend on people actions, will and striving, love and hatred, joy and sorrow. The qualities of moral attitudes are reverence,faithfulness, veracity, and goodness.

Political Attitudes

Political attitudes frame political behaviour. Political attitudes are useful for the public life covered by political psychology. political attitudes are important for the views on nationalism, political conservatism, political liberalism, and political radicalism. Political attitudes are extremely liberal and extremely conservative. Political attitude are the operation of a particular political system, which include knowledge and skills for the operation of the political system and decision making. The political attitudes are formed on the basis of political ideology,social, economic, cultural, and international policy.

Political Attitude In Present Political Scenario

In the present political scenario the role of political attitude and ideology is very important to determining ethics in politics. Political ideology is the best service for the well-being of the society, so the healthy political attitudes are required for the constructive politics in present political scenario. Positive Political attitude is necessary for working of assemblies and Parliament, which is ethical demand of constitution and the citizen of the country. Ethics in politics are very important for positive political attitude to attracts youths toward politics and establishes faith in democracy in difficult times, when country needs. Positive political attitude can lead to zero tolerance toward corruption, welfare for weaker sections in the society, and listening to public grievances. On the other hand negative political attitude can lead to the regionalism, communalism, polarization of the public during election. Every political party should have pro-people political ideology, but present times political scenario hardly do they follow pro-people political ideology, because for electoral the present times politics individual politician's political attitude comes into action, which results in the form of bribery, lobbying, fake protests, walkout, insensitive defamation on other parties and perks politics in the present times political scenario.