May 19, 2022

Is Judicial Control Necessary In Public Administration

Judicial Control Necessary Public Administration
Judicial Control In Public Administration

Judicial Control Over Public Administration

As We all know that, the Public administration exercises a large volume of power for the welfare of the state. Public administration except administrative work is also involved in quasi-legislative and quasi-judicial functions, which can make administrative officials arbitrary or master of the citizens. So it is very necessary to control over the administration power by judicial control. the courts examine the Legality of the administration officials act and safeguard the essential fundamental rights of the citizens. The object of administration act judicial review is to ensure, that the administrative officials does not abuse its power and the citizens receives administration fair treatment. The judicial court has the power to hold any unconstitutional action, law or order by public administration authority to protect the citizens against the excesses of public administration officials. The judicial court can only intervene in public administration cases, when they are invited to do so by any person, who have been abrogated by the public administration official.

Judicial Control Froms Over Public Administration

There are several forms of Judicial control over public administration, The judicial review is very important method of judicial control over the public administration to examine the legality and constitutionality of administrative acts of officials. Criminal and Civil Suits against public administration officials giving two months notice regarding criminal proceedings against an official for the acts done in his official capacity.Habeas Corpus means is that the person in unlawfully or illegally detained, will be set free.

Judicial Control Limitations Over Public Administration

The effectiveness of judicial control over public administration is limited by many factors. the judiciary is not able to cope up with thousands of pending cases in Supreme Court, High Courts and Lower Courts. The excessive delay in the delivery of justice discourages people to approach the court of any abuse by the public administration. The judicial process is very costly in most cases, the poor are helpless victims of the administrative abuses and judicial inaction. the cumbersome legal procedure frightens many from approaching the courts against the public administration arbitrary. There are  several highly technical nature of administrative acts, which cannot be reviewed judicial control.