May 26, 2022

Is Industrial Revolution Was Socio Economic Revolution

Industrial Revolution Socio Economic Revolution
Industrial Revolution 

Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution that took place in technology, also change various social and economic conditions during this time. The Industrial Revolution, started in Europe and America from the 18th century to 19th century. During the Industrial Revolution predominantly agrarian, rural societies in Europe and America changed into the industrial and urbanization. The industrial revolution started using the special-purpose machinery in factories for mass production. The iron and textile industries was the main player of the industrial revolution. The Industrial Revolution used iron and steel in the making of the cooking appliances to ships building. The steam engines and ships play an important role in the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th century. 

Socio Economic Change Due To Industrial Revolution

Socio economic life of the people also changed due to the technological changes that took place during the industrial revolution in 18th to 19th century. During the industrial revolution, the innovation in the field of technology, brought to new tools and machines for the textile, steel and iron factories. The following technological changes took place during the industrial revolution in the field of textiles, During the industrial revolution period, the organization of cotton production shifted from small-scale cottage industry, which is performed by spinning and weaving tasks by rural families in their homes, into a large advanced mechanized machinery factory based industry. The boom in production of the textile industry began with the help of new advanced technical devices and machinery, like spinning jenny, spinning mule, and power loom. Industrial revolution also affected the agriculture sector in 18th-century by increasing the agricultural productivity in Europe. In agriculture uses of new types of equipment and technology, such as the seed drill, crop rotation, soil health care, development of new crop varieties, and animal husbandry increased the crops yields and nutrition for feeding a rapidly growing population. In the field of Energy sector, the mining and distribution of coal in Britain’s industrialization with the help of steam engine gave the new momentum for the Industrial Revolution. In the field of transportation the steam engines and railways played an important role in the industrial revolution during the 19th century by transporting the goods from one place to another place in the market. Social and economic changes also took place during the industrial revolution in the whole world. Population Explosion take place during the industrial revolution by the advancement in better medical technology and better agricultural food production. New Banking and Finance System emerged for financing set up new factories during the industrial revolution. The Industrial Revolution marked a dramatic change in the status of women. Women entered into the workforce first time to compete with men for jobs. The industrial revolution increased the middle class and Urbanisation. People started earning more money and started moving to urban areas in search of better jobs in factories. The industrial revolution exploited the resources for more production of goods in less time. the Industrial Revolution increased material wealth, improved lifestyle, and increase technology innovation. So we can say that industrial revolution was not a technical revolution but also a socio economic revolution.