May 30, 2022

Features Of Wildlife Eco Tourism Circuits Of Uttar Pradesh

Features Wildlife Eco Tourism Circuits national parks

Features Of Wildlife Eco Tourism Circuits

Features Of Wildlife Eco Tourism 

Wildlife eco tourism is the activity of observation and interaction with animal and plant life in their natural habitats. Wildlife Eco Tourism is the most important tourism assets for any country or states. The major threats for wildlife are diseases, climate change, human interaction with nature, poaching and illegal trafficking. There is a need of protection wildlife and biodiversity,by the help of governments and civil society. In nature species are connected through various food chain, if any species disappear it influence several others species. Promoting ecological wildlife conservation help in securing future food supplies and drugs developed from microbial organisms, plants, and animals. Wildlife activities are the indicators for various environmental problems. So we should stop the killing and trafficking of the wildlife animals and plants.

Wildlife Eco Tourism Circuit Of Uttar Pradesh 

The Uttar Pradesh has one of the richest wildlife biosphere reserves in the Tarai region. This lush green tarai region is the home of various types of wildlife biodiversity and fauna, in which tigers, elephants, deer, crocodiles, dolphins, exquisite bird species are commonly found. These dense vegetation and wildlife biodiversity are the dream come true for the nature lover. Dudhwa National Park in Uttar Pradesh is famous for home of various types of wild animals like tigers, leopards, varieties of deer and antelopes, elephants and birds. The dudhwa national park is full of, tranquil and green nest in the Tarai region foothills, which is an excellent weekend activities place. The rich lush green forests and the rivers flowing through the dudhwa national park give you the complete wilderness experience. Pilibhit is in the Uttar Pradesh, which is famous for Pilibhit Tiger Reserve located in the districts of Pilibhit, Lakhimpur Kheri and Bahraich. Which is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas and the plains of the Tarai. The Pilibhit Tiger Reserve Project is one of India’s heavily forested place for tigers survival. The Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is a home to habitat of around 127 animals, 556 bird species and 2,100 flowering plants. The fauna which is found in the pilibhit tiger reserve are tiger, Indian leopard, swamp deer, hispid hare and Bengal floricans. Katarnia Ghat is a swathe of pristine forest, which is situated about 200 km from Lucknow in Bahraich district. In the katarnia ghat, girwa river is the source of fresh water for gangetic dolphins. In the katarnia ghat you can find a roaring experience of tigers, leopards, deer and antelopes.