May 4, 2022

Empathy Definition Empathy Role For Weaker section

Empathy Definition meaning Empathy Role Empaty types
Empathy Definition Empathy Role

Empathy Definition Meaning

Empathy is the ability to understand or feel the another person's feelings or mood. Empathy is the capacity to understand a broad range of social, cognitive, and emotional processes concerned with others' emotions. There are following types of empathy, cognitive empathy, emotional empathy, somatic empathy, and spiritual empathy. Empathy is the phenomena for caring of other people and a desire to help them. empathy has the ability to understand the emotional states of other people. Empathy is associated with brain network to understand another person's emotions and feelings. Somatic empathy involves physical reaction or feeling of someone, is experiencing. Cognitive empathy involves to feeling and understand another person's mental state thinking and response to the situation. Affective empathy involves share the emotions of others People, when they feel scared or pain within themselves.

Role Of Empathy

Empathy allows Human beings to build social connections with others people, by understanding their thinking and feeling. Empathy respond appropriately in social situations both physical and psychological well-being of weaker section. Empathy regulate your own emotions feeling in times of stress. Empathy promotes helping behaviors among the people for the well-being of weaker section. Research shows that women feel more cognitive empathy than men. empathy leads to more helping behaviour towards the weaker section because of feeling and understanding their miserable situation. empathy can be measured by self report questionnaires such as the Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI) and Questionnaire for Cognitive and Affective Empathy (QCAE). Empathy is feeling and understanding others pain and suffering. We found a weaker section in almost every country, who are facing and suffering many scarcity, when we see them then we feel empathy towards them to help and support weaker section. Empathy learns Ethics, compassion, Compassion towards weaker section, Dedication to Public Service, intellectual integrity, leadership, moral integrity, tolerance and sympathy.