May 14, 2022

Difference Between Objectivity And Dedication

Definition meaning Objectivity Dedication
Difference Between Objectivity And Dedication


Objectivity can be defined as the judgments and interpretations on external data, such as research study hypotheses, study of variables, measurements, control techniques, and observations that are free from bias subjectivity. which does not include personal feelings, beliefs, and experiences. Objectivity is the ability of a person to mentally update objects locations, touched, and heard from a different observation point. so we can say that objectivity is the quality of being free from bias In philosophy, which does not include one’s own feelings, imagination, beliefs, and perceptions. Objectivity is based on knowledge evidence, such as mathematics objectivity, Scientific objectivity, systematic and empirical method to collect facts based on proven testing hypothesis experiment for a reliable proof. Objectivity play important role in regulation of rationality, legality standards, procedures and norms in governance by the public authorities institutions. Objectivity provide decision making in governance on the basis of merit and evidences. Objectivity foster Integrity, impartiality, non partisanship, empathy, tolerance and compassion in civil servants for taking right decisions with ethical morality maintain impartiality and fairness.Objectivity improve public resource utilisation efficiency and public service delivery transparency in the public domain.


Dedication can be defined as the wanting for something for which you invest your time and energy to achieve something, because you feel it is important for you. dedication shows someone hardworking to achieve what he or she wants very important for him or her. We can say that dedication is also a ceremony, in which some valuable thing is formally opened or made available to the public. dedication in the civil servants is a motivation or passion for working in the larger public interest. Dedication help civil servants when they are working in adversities conditions, like posted in a disturbed area or far-flung rural area. In the present time all world is moving towards a consumeristic society with lack of compassion, concern, devotion for others and the community. without dedication civil servants could not be perform their duties under challenging situations.