Apr 22, 2022

WHO World Health Organisation Role In Corona Covid-19 Period

WHO World Health Organisation Role Corona Covid-19 test
Covid-19 WHO Role Corona

World Health Organisation (W.H.0.) Role In Covid-19

WHO World Health Organisation played a very important role, during global pandemic Corona Covid-19 Period. How is the world health Organisation WHO responding to COVID-19 disease ? WHO's response to COVID-19 Coronavirus disease combatting, addresses the strategic response plan to find out the actions for countries across the world, how to prevention, surveillance, containment, treatment, and coordination about the Corona COVID-19 Pandemic. like Covid-19, the W.H.O. World Health Organisation  served as a central coordinating body during corona covid-19 period to guiding containment, declaring emergencies an making recommendations about Corona Covid-19 with countries, for sharing information of Covid-19 to scientists to address stop the outbreaks of Corona Covid-19. However the United States President has criticized WHO World Health Organization for miss handling the Corona COVID-19 Pandemic and has alleged that World Health Organisation actions were China centric. However despite of the many allegations, World Health Organisation (W.H.0) actions against the battle of Corona Covid-19 cannot be overlooked. In December 2019 China reported to the World Health Organisation  W.H.O about a cluster of pneumonia cases in the city of Wuhan situated in China. Simultaneously World Health Organisation sent technical assistance to all the countries in the world, how to detect, test and manage the Corona COVID-19 potential cases in their country. In the beginning of the Corona COVID-19 spread, the World Health Organisation WHO experts were mutually agreed about the threat perception of the Corona COVID-19 virus. Still World Health Organisation WHO declared Corona COVID-19 as a public health emergency of international concern on January 2020 for the world. In the month of January 2020 the World Health Organisation W.H.O. warned the all countries in the world, that the Corona COVID-19 virus had the potential to spread on global scale. Once it was declared by the World Health Organisation, that the Corona Covid-19 has become a global pandemic threat, the World Health Organisation W.H.O played an important role, as a central co-ordinating efforts to tackle the Corona COVID-19 virus pandemic. Then the World Health Organisation taken the preventive measures like lockdown and social distancing and curative measures like the medicines and the trial run of the Corona COVID-19 vaccine. The World Health Organisation W.H.O has effectively and efficiently delivered the role of a global health coordinating agency for the battle against the Corona COVID-19. We all know that, and should keep in mind that the World Health Organisation WHO relies heavily on Corona COVID-19 data, which was provided and filtered by the member states. However the China has had a historical aversion to transparency and sensitivity to international criticism on the cases of Corona Covid-19 pandemic.