Apr 14, 2022

United States And Sweden QIST Collaboration

United States Sweden QIST Collaboration

QIST Collaboration Between United States And Sweden

The United States and Sweden, acknowledging that science and technology innovation have enabled transformation across many countries, from industry to health and communications to transportation, these are the foundation of development initiative on global research, and consistent creation of new advanced technology. how Quantum information science and technology (QIST) is enabling our understanding of fundamental phenomena and the development of powerful computers, rapid communication and sensors with unprecedented precision, accuracy and modalities; Knowing the emergence of robust QIST technologies we are more intensive and broaden understanding the theoretical and practical intelligences, by new tools to develop the concepts, validation, and verification objectives; and Recognizing international partnerships for the key expertise and creativity of our brewing industry in developing the fundamental understanding of Quantum information science and technology QIST, for the achievement of the humanitarian benefit. The United States and Sweden focus on promoting science, technology and innovation to pursue collaboration and mutual respect, to promote Quantum information science and technology QIST, but not limited to computing, quantum networking and quantum sensing, but we are required the Quantum information science and technology for the supporting to the society and industry development. We intend to proceed by the work in good faith, which are based on our common principles, included in the freedom of inquiry, transparency, honesty, equity, fair competition, objectivity, and good popularity. It is important for the Quantum information science and technology QIST research communities to create and capture issues from common social interest, so that everyone can be benefited from the Quantum information science and technology QIST to have an equal opportunity to succeed.Collaborating in workshops, seminars and conferences to discuss research and development in Quantum information science and technology QIST, which will turn the overlapping benefits and opportunities of future scientific collaboration. To promote the multidisciplinary research and communicate openly the methodology, infrastructure and information, for the Quantum information science and technology QIST R&D opportunities, to build a global chain of sustainable economic growth, by using the Quantum information science and technology surveillance for the companies, research leaders, design architects, and business security companies to develop the future market engagement. based on common principles to promote the development of physics and engineers of the next generation, it is necessary to exchanges the advance field personnel. Multilateral regular opportunities to raise discuss on the QIST for international issues and important political issues. according to the agreement on Science and Technology Cooperation between the Government of the United States, and the Government of Sweden. Considering QIST ecosystems that rely on international relations and collaboration with their partners, we intend to focus on QIST's collaboration as outlined in this vision for the mutual benefit of participating nations and continue to increase scientific cooperation with our respective leaders. The QIST collaboration between the United States and Sweden will raise their strength in QIST to pursue innovative research, increase the future market and supply chain needs, and increase the future generation of skilled talent in the field of Quantum information science and technology (QIST).