Apr 5, 2022

United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council Global Session

United Nations (UN) Council Global Session

United Nations Human Rights Council Global Session

Human rights are under threat in many parts of the world. To protect and promote respect for human rights requires all governments and nations to come together and demand action and reason. Since returning to the United States at the UN Human Rights Committee, we have entrusted the Commission to participate and assist in leading the global effort to promote and protect these valuable rights. We do so as our nation willing to acknowledge its faults and committed to clarity and imputation. Now, as the 49th Human Rights Council closes, revenue appears to be a driving force in the United States. The United States has co-supported more than half of all resolutions considered in this session. These actions strengthen conclusions with obstacles to respect for the rights of human persons, call for an end to attacks on human rights defenders, to throw light on the need for adequate housing for all, and to remove freedom of religion or belief. He also highlighted human rights abuses in Belarus, Burma, the DPRK, Iran, Nicaragua, Sudan and Syria, as well as in the territories of Georgia occupied by the Russian Federation. The United States has introduced the first HRC solution on how governments can counteract the incomprehensible while fully promoting respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms, including freedom of expression. We have decided to place two signatures on this meeting to focus attention on the dangers facing women's human rights defenders and the role of illustrations of justice and inclusion for members of national and ethnic minority members of healthy democracy. The Human Rights Council also played an important role in the development of the Kremlin's policy of commencing the Ukrainian war. Our re-established and manned partnerships were instrumental in helping to create a new Commission of Inquiry solution - a powerful investigative mechanism. Because of this work, the international community will now oversee Russia's horrific action in Ukraine as well as the Kremlin's continued repression of its own domestic civil society. When the 49 HRC session closes, the United States looks forward to rebuilding this good work that addresses human rights challenges around the world.