Apr 23, 2022

Individual Morality Effect On Public Life Decision

Individual Morality Effect Public Life Decision ethics moral
Morality Decision Making 

Individual Morality Effect And Public Life Decision

Everyone has Individual Morality values and a line between the personal and public life. Everyone like privacy and own morality values, but when a person goes into public life, he or she must putting the public's decision ahead of your own. Individual Morality values build on the basis of experiences, from childhood to present age and can be changed in future, according to future experiences. The individual Morality principles are the behavior of treat to others, seeking truth not lie, don't spend much more what you don't have, be honest keep your words, and don't take which is not your. Everyone has these Morality principles, but they can vary from person to person. The Public Life Decision making can be biased from individual Morality, but the person should try to keep away your individual Morality as much as possible in public life decisions making. Everyone should draw a line between personal and public life decisions making. an individual person should represent the practices of virtues, honesty and trustworthiness in both personal and private life decisions making. so the personal behavior of individual should be legitimate on the public decision making. a person can be unethical in private life, but he or she must be ethical in public life. Morality is a matter of understanding, what is good and what is evil. The virtue of character and morality is habits of behavior developed by proper training. who cheats in his personal life, can not be trusted in the public's business decisions making. the public life decision making should be based on the Morality and educational knowledge. What ethical dilemmas arise in the personal and public life, like a person took drugs many years previously, is it fit for public discussion making ? the public life decision making should to evaluate on the candidate's mental health The public should also be aware about the decision to gain maximum advantage.