Apr 2, 2022

Glacier Role In Shaping High Mountain Area Landform

Glacier High Mountain Area Landform

Glacier Shaping High Mountain Area Landform

Glaciers are moving bodies of ice and high amounts of rock and sediment, that can change landscapes by forming sculpt mountains and carve valleys. In the past glaciers have covered more than one third part of Earth's surface, and continue to flow and shaping high mountain area landforms. Past glaciers have created a variety of landforms such as, 

U-Shaped Valleys, and Hanging Valleys

Glaciers erode carve a set of distinctive, flat-bottomed, steep-walled valleys like Oolah Valley, which is also called the Gates of the Arctic National Park AK, is an example of a U-shaped valley and hanging valleys.


Cirques are made by glacier in the shape of bowl or amphitheater. Glaciers depressions carve mountains side wall and set high elevations to form the Cirques. Dixie Pass Trail, Wrangell-St Elias National Park, AK is an example of cirques.

Nunataks and Horns

Nunataks areas and horns are formed by the glacial erosion in areas, where many numbers of glaciers flow in multiple directions, and form stark, rocky outcrops above it. Lake McDonald Glacier National Park, MT, is the example of nunataks and horns.

Lateral and medial moraines

Lateral and medial moraines are formed by the glacially transported rock and debris, on the sides of glacier's boundary between two edges tributary of glaciers.

Glacial Till and Glacial Flour

Glaciers till blankets or flour are made by the sediments produced through glacial grinding. Glacial till contains sediments of tiny particles smaller than a grain of sand to large boulders, Glacial flour is the smallest size of sediment smaller than sand. the milky colored of the rivers water is due to the fed by glaciers flour.

Glacial Erratics

Glacial Erratics are chunks of rocks that are picked up by  Glaciers and transport over long distances. Where these rocks are found known as glacial erratics.

Paternoster Lakes

Paternoster lakes valley is made by the glacial erosion in small basins scooped out by the glacier. Lyell Glacier's lakes in Yosemite National Park, CA is the example of Paternoster Lakes.


Kettles are formed when glacier recedes, and sediment from the glacier deposited in a flat area, which forms an outwash plain. known as kettles, Lamar Valley Yellowstone National Park, WY Lake is an example of Kettle.


Drumlins are formed by glacier flow, Drumlins are hills of sediment, which are generally a streamlined quarter mile or more in length. Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor National Park is an example of a drumlin.

Outwash Plains and Eskers

Outwash plains and eskers are formed by the flow of meltwater in front of or beneath the glacier ice. Outwash Plains and Eskers are the result of glacial sediments composition, reworked by glacier's melting flowing water. Tana Glacier Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, AK create Outwash Plains and Eskers.