Apr 25, 2022

Gandhi Ethical Virtues Corruption Prevention In Public Life

Gandhi Ethical Virtues Corruption Prevention Public Life
Ethical Virtues Corruption Prevention

Ideal Human Ethical Behaviour Virtues

Ethical Behaviour Virtues are the philosophy developed by many philosopher in ancient. Ethical Behaviour Virtues help to understand living of moral character life. Ethical Behaviour Virtues developed by practice. Ideal Human Ethical Behaviour Virtues are honesty, bravery, generosity, and According to famous philosopher Aristotle the practicing of the Ideal Human Ethical Behaviour Virtues habits, make the people to take the right decision at right time, when faced ethical challenges.

Gandhi Ideal Human Ethical Behaviour Virtues

Mahatma Gandhi's life is considering as a model example of ethical and moral life. Mahatma Gandhi's life was based on Ideal Human Ethical Behaviour Virtues. Mahatma Gandhi lived his life without mixing of personnel and public life, following the Dharma of truth and nonviolence. Gandhi ji successfully led nonviolence movement against the moral degradation, racial discrimination, British colonial rule, and social economic exploitation. Mahatma Gandhi's famous Ethical Behaviour Virtues were the,



Right Means and Right Ends.

Primacy of Duties over Right.

The Deed, not the Doer.

True Religion Universality and Brotherhood.

Aparigraha or Non-possession.

Yajna, Sacrifice and Service.

Satyagraha or Nonviolent Conflict Resolution.

Corruption In Public Life

Corruption roots start from the bureaucratic and political institutions and spread all over the country. Corruption misuse the government treasury, make administrative functions inefficient, and obstruct the national development. Corruption can be defined as a specific actions task and activities in bureaucratic and political institutions, that are used to abusing public office for personal and private gain. In corruption bribes are given by the private parties and personal to buy public things and services offered by central, local governments, and officials. In corruption bribes are given to buy the government contracts, subsidies for enterprises or personal individual. Bribes by private parties or personal for reducing amount of taxes and other fees collected by central and local governments. Bribes for issuance of specific license and granting of illegals activities permission by the government. Corruption can misuse the government treasury and assets, make administrative functions inefficient In bureaucracy, and obstruct the national development in the corrupt countries because of bribes to avoid taxes and fees, bad regulations to firms.

Corruption Prevention In Public Life

prevention of corruption in the public life can be minimize by the rule of law, effective management of public affairs, introducing integrity, transparency and accountability In Public specific services. adopting the principles of merit-based recruitment and promotion of civil servants, prescribing criteria for politician election to holding the public office, enhancing political parties funding transparency, introducing promoting codes of conduct for the public sector official, politicians and bureaucratic official assets declaring system. Additional measures for preventing corruption are, 

Codes of conduct.

Systems of rewards and incentives.


Human resources management.

Citizen and stakeholder participation.

Open government and e-government.

Managing conflicts of interest.

Compliance-friendly environment.

Monitoring and oversight.

Accountability and scrutiny.