Apr 16, 2022

E-Governance Administrative System Welfare Schemes Impact

E-Governance Administrative System Welfare Schemes

E-Governance Administrative System 

What you think about E-Governance Administrative System, Can e-governance be made more citizen centric participation in the administrative system more ? Citizen centric e-governance means the government services delivery though the eyes of the citizens. A citizen centric e-governance approach enables the government to improve citizen satisfaction by improving the citizen's service delivery in time bound manner. E-governance help much more the administrative system to provide citizen centric services through focussing on the vision of the citizens. Making most of the e-governance services available on citizen's portal should be Credible and faster delivery of citizen's services, giving access to right communication channels for the citizens.

Welfare Schemes Impact By Uttar Pradesh Government

Welfare Schemes Impact By Uttar Pradesh Government for the Scheduled Tribe (ST) population of Uttar Pradesh, which is according to 2001 census is only around one lakh, which nearly constituting a 0.1 per cent of the total population of Uttar Pradesh. The main Scheduled Tribe (ST) residing in UP are Tharu, Buksa, Bhotia, Jaunsari and Raji. On the other hand the Welfare Schemes Impact By Uttar Pradesh Government for the Scheduled Caste (SC) population of Uttar Pradesh, which is around 3.5 crore according to the 2001 census, which nearly constituting 21.1 percent of the total population of Uttar Pradesh. Many Welfare Schemes By Uttar Pradesh Government has launched significant bearing on the welfare of SC/ST population in the Uttar Pradesh state. In Uttar Pradesh the youth who belong to SC/ST population is getting skill training under the Kaushal Satrang Scheme launched by Uttar Pradesh government. The Yuva Hub Scheme of Uttar Pradesh government is providing employment to thousands of SC/ST skilled youth. The young population of Uttar Pradesh belong to SC/ST are eligible for a stipend of Rs 2500 under CM apprenticeship scheme. The Rani Lakshmi Bai Mahila Samman Kosh started by the Uttar Pradesh Government is addressing to the needs of women and girls, who are victims of heinous crimes. Under the Bhagya Lakshmi Yojana for poor SC/ST families the new born girls child are entitled to 50,000. During the Covid-19 pandemic the Uttar Pradesh government launched the Navin Rojgar Chhatri Yojana for an all-round development of the SC/ST Castes. Uttar Pradesh government has announced to launched a scheme to showcase the unique culture of its ethnic Tharu tribe, around the world. In health sector UP government has announced to depute Arogya Mitras at all primary health centres of Uttar Pradesh to inform people about government's health schemes. The entire tribal population in Uttar Pradesh has a lower literacy rate and the participation in work rate is also lower than that of all STs at the national level. the field of farming constitute the highest proportion (44.6 per cent) among the total tribal workers. The SC population is in Uttar Pradesh is predominantly rural. The work participation rate of the SC population of Uttar Pradesh is lower than that of all SCs at the national level. Recently the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to move 17 OBC list to Scheduled Caste, So that, to make them less vulnerable to competition as the SC group is smaller as compared to OBC.