April Fool's Joke Aurora Lights in Los Angeles

Aurora Lights in Los Angeles

April Fool's Joke Aurora Borealis Lights in Los Angeles

Social media posts have been circulating saying the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, will appear in Los Angeles. That's not true and really, it's April Fool's Day. Scroll down for the science behind the argument. You can see panicked images on social media about the lights this week in parts of North America. And on Friday, some took the opportunity to release a little game in the hope of an aurora borealis in Los Angeles. If you're thrilled to easily complete a to-do list item - watching the Friday night lights down south - sorry about your burst bubble, but April is almost a joke. The strength of the coronal mass projected by the solar wind (KP scale 0-9) will determine how long the aurora borealis australis should be visible. Don Hampton, space physicist and Rod Boyce superintendent of public information at the University of Alaska's Fairbanks Geophysics Institute, said KP 9 was going to be a hurricane, so this type of event could happen anywhere. in southern California. The Friday night forecast is on KP 3 and all casualties from North Dakota north to the Midwest will be nowhere in the western region. However, if FOX 11 meteorologists or the National Weather Service will forecast this week, there are no Northern Lights in Southern California. Elsewhere in the United States, many other states were treated to the Northern Lights on Wednesday evening. Areas to consider include states as far away as Oregon, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Massachusetts. We have stellar news for The Wanderers. Tonight you will have the opportunity to see the Northern Lights at the Fairbanks U.S. Geophysics Institute at the University of Alaska, predicting dawn, and a spectacular sight to behold in the night sky. In particular, the use of the Kp index - scientists using a geomagnetic scale to operate around the Earth - indicates field 5, which is considered the leader of auroral activity. Weather permitting, extremely active Northern Lights will be visible over Inuvik, Yellow, Rankin and Iqaluit in Vancouver, Helena, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Bay City, Toronto, Montpellier and Charlottetown, and visible in the background of Salem, Boise, Cheyenne. Lincoln, Indianapolis, and Annapolis,” the University of Alaska Fairbanks writes in its forecast, which also includes a map showing where the auroras should be seen. If your location is within range of one of these charts, you can go just outside in a very dark place tonight and look north those in the mid south region who won't be able to experience the show can you play at the University of Alaska Fairbanks