Mar 25, 2022

Who Was Jacobins And Jacobins Role In French Revolution

Jacobins And Jacobins Role In French Revolution

Who Was The Jacobins

The Jacobins were the immense powerful influencial political French group. the Jacobins used their political power to take down their enemies during the Reign of Terror in the French Revolution. The French Revolution was one of the crazy events in history, that was not so tragic and horrific. The Jacobins were the members of Jacobin Club,which was a french republican organization. Jacobins were in the favour of republican form of government, and against the monarchy. The Jacobins were the part of left-wing revolutionaries, who want to end the reign of King Louis XVI, and want to bring French republic political authority from the people. The Jacobins were the most powerful and radical political group in the French Revolution. The Jacobins group's name came from the location the Rue Saint-Jacques or Jacob in Paris, from where Jacobins start their journey by the first broke out deputies meeting at this site in order to plot a revolution. The Jacobins emerged as the most radical political factions in France. Who supported the beheading of King Louis XVI. While the King Louis XVI supporter groups was in favored of exiling or imprisoning the Jacobins.

Role Of Jacobins In The French Revolution

The French Revolution started between 1789 and 1799. During this time France was in deeply debt. For refilling its treasury, heavy taxes were levied upon the lower classes of french people. To find out the solution of heavy burdened taxes, An assembly of local officials was called, which splintered into a revolutionary body called the National Assembly, or the Jacobins. The National Assembly planned consolidated their power to dethroned King Louis XVI, and bring republic in France. the Jacobins were a guiding political force by the local officials, they catch the King Louis XVI and his young wife Marie Antoinette and beheaded in 1793.