Mar 17, 2022

United States COVID-19 Vaccines Doses Share

United States COVID-19 Vaccines Doses USA

United States COVID-19 Vaccines Doses Free Of Charge

The United States now has over one hundred million safe and effective doses of COVID-19 vaccines, free of charge, and will reach over 110 countries and economies around the world to save lives alone. Since the start of the pandemic, we have provided nearly $20 billion in health, humanitarian, economic and development assistance to more than 120 countries, including rapid response to urgent health needs and technical assistance to expand the access to the vaccine. In Africa and Asia as well, we have established and confirmed regional expansion of COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing. Today, we continue to work tirelessly with governments and international organizations, vaccine producers, NGOs, the private sector, the private sector and others to supply vaccines, acquire weapons, test and develop treatments to support and protect healthcare workers and more. Our recently announced COVID-19 Global Action Plan provides a clear path for international coordination. Our work makes a difference around the world. In Paraguay, our Pfizer vaccine is administered in two million rapid doses. The government placed a mass vaccination model in the United States and administered 500,000 doses in a week. In Zambia, the President's Emergency Relief Plan (PEPFAR) American Rescue Plan Act is funding the use of more than two million CoVID-19 vaccines to support nearly 500 health facilities across Zambia's 10 provinces as part of their efforts to fight HIV/AIDS. Additionally, the Department of State commissioned Alfred Kankuzi in Malawi to create his own app to respond to the rapid spread of news and information via social media. Called the COVID-19 NEBA or "Hey Neighbors" app in three languages, Chichewa, Tumbuka and English are offered and access to event-based information from trusted sources including the state Centers for Disease Control States, the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Malawi. Health. Alfred has helped over 648,000 citizens access accurate information about COVID-19. Students in Thailand, the State Department exchange, used a small grant to support residents of Chiang Dao in Chiang Mai Province. Students and community organizations linked to the creation of visual and audio best practices in seven local languages ​​in COVID-19, collaborated with public health officials to organize voluntary health prevention workshops in COVID-19 villages and developed effective communication techniques for district leaders. helping people stay up to date on COVID-19 reaching over 70,000 people. This work is essential because it is not a pandemic. Many lives are at risk around the world as countries compete with Omicron and support new variant capabilities. The United States must continue to work with its allies and the international community at all levels to save lives and better prepare for the future pandemic.