Mar 26, 2022

Irrigation Sources Changes Happening In Uttar Pradesh

Irrigation Sources In USA

Irrigation Sources In Uttar Pradesh

The primary occupation in India is the Agriculture, which is completely depends on irrigation. in the state of Uttar Pradesh the facilities of Irrigation for the farmers are not even everywhere, Somewhere it is plenty of irrigation sources, and many parts are facing scarcity of water for irrigation. In Uttar Pradesh hathras has the highest irrigation facilities and sonbhadra has the lowest irrigation facilities. In Uttar Pradesh canals are the major source of iirrigation, which are originating from himalayas ranges rivers. the major canals in Uttar Pradesh are Upper Ganga Canal, Lower Ganga Canal, Sharda Canal, Eastern Yamuna Canal, Agra Canal, and Betwa Canal. The net irrigated area in Uttar Pradesh increased 77.81% during the period of 2001 to 2005, which was 77.19% during 1996 to 2000. 

New Irrigation Sources Projects


Other than canal and tubewell irrigation, there are others sources of irrigation in Uttar Pradesh. Water is very important for successful agriculture farming. The most of the irrigation Water for the agriculture crops come from rainfall, which is supply to fields through canals, well, tube-wells, tanks, ponds or tapping water. We should adopted rain water harvesting for the ground water recharge, and try dry farming techniques in low water areas. In Uttar Pradesh mega irrigation projects are going on, by these projects about 4 million farmers of Uttar Pradesh will be benefited. The Uttar Pradesh government are working for small and marginal farmers, to irrigate 16.49 lakh hectares of additional land from these new irrigation projects. new irrigation projects of Uttar Pradesh Government will supply water to those areas, where lack of water for agriculture. these irrigation projects will take water from Saryu Canal, Umraha, Ratauli, Lakheri, Bhavani, Masgaon, and Barwar Lake. By these irrigation projects the farmers of Purvanchal, Western Uttar Pradesh and Bundelkhand will be benefited, among them the farmers of Bundelkhand will get the maximum benefit of new irrigation projects, because Bundelkhand is often hit by drought due to lack of rainfall. the uttar pradesh government completed the Rasin Dam Project in Chitrakoot and Bandai Dam Project in Lalitpur. New Solar power electricity plant of 2.50 MW capacity is building at the top of Jakhlaun Pump Canal in Lalitpur. In the coming days, these irrigation projects will become a model for the Uttar Pradesh state.