Global Sports Mentorship Program

Global Sports Mentorship Program u.s. Usa

U.S. Global Sports Mentorship Program

The United States Department of State will virtually host 12 international emerging leaders in the adaptive sports industry for the Global Sports Mentorship Program: Sports is very important for the health. Sports also play very important role in keeping mind and body healthy. As we all know that healthy body contains healthy mind. Community Sports Professional Development Exchange Program from March 7 to April 1. such as the Paralympics and Special Olympics, Sport for Community is designed to spread the global lessons of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and promote the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities worldwide.Delegates will participate in a four-week virtual program focused on the theme “Leader in Times of Crisis” and will work closely with United States leaders from major disability-sports organizations across the country. They will attend leadership development sessions, participate in mentoring activities and create a final multimedia project. The project will present strategic plans that use sport to advance the opportunities of people with disabilities by promoting their rights, dignity, worth and full inclusion in all aspects of society.The list of participants includes emerging leaders from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Nepal, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Zambia. The mentors represent the University of Arizona, Special Olympics, Ability 360, Arts for All, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, US Tennis Association, TIRR Memorial Herman Hospital, Turnstone, University of Texas at Arlington, Chicago Parks District and Shirley RyanAbilityLab, and Mesa Parks.The program is conducted in partnership with the Center for Sport, Peace and Society at the University of Tennessee. For more information, please contact the Office of Educational and Cultural Affairs at ECA. The sport activities programs come together different cultures, countries players, which is very crucial for maintaining the brotherhood and friendly environment in the world. These types of sports activities programs should be promoted by everyone in the world.