Mar 9, 2022

Global Media Freedom Conference

USA U.S. Media Freedom Conference

Global Media Freedom Conference Worldwide

Undersecretary for Civil Security, Democracy and Human Rights Uzra Zeya and Acting Deputy Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Lisa Peterson will visit Tallinn, Estonia, February 9-11 for the Third World Conference on Media Freedom. Co-organized by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Estonian Institute for Human Rights, this event is a multilateral and multi-stakeholder forum to strengthen global efforts that uphold media freedom and ensure the safety of journalists with other media personnel around the world.  Undersecretary Zeya's participation in the conference's main panel on the protection of journalists confirms to our international partners that we remain steadfast in our position that journalists must be able to do their work free from threats, harassment, violence and all forms of intimidation.  In the spirit of the Year of Action following President Biden's first Democracy Summit, the Estonian Foreign Ministry is organizing an engagement session focusing on defending media freedom, a key theme of the Mountain peak. At this global conference on media freedom, participants from the media industry will present their views and statements on their commitments to defend media freedom. Acting Assistant Secretary Peterson will deliver a keynote address framing this session. As part of the Year of Action, the United States and other governments will walk the talk and discuss progress at the second Democracy Summit.  Simultaneously, the UK, Canada and the Netherlands are hosting the second Ministerial Meeting of the Media Freedom Coalition where video remarks by Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken will set the stage for two days of panel discussions, in-person and virtual panels and sessions, with government officials, journalists, academics, civil society representatives and other stakeholders. Undersecretary Zeya will lead the US delegation to the ministerial meeting.  While in Tallinn, Under Secretary Zeya and Acting Assistant Under Secretary Peterson will engage with government counterparts and civil society on human rights issues and underscore the strong commitment of the United States. United for press freedom – both online and offline – and will advocate for the safety of journalists and media workers around the world.