Difference Between Boundary And Frontier

USA Boundary And Frontier

Difference Between Boundary And Frontier Line

Boundary :-

Boundary is clearly defined international line between two areas or sovereign states. boundary is generally agreed by both the nations, created by international treaties or after a war, Boundaries are political or social agreements imposed by third parties, or international conferences between two different countries.

Frontier :- 

Unlike a boundary which is a clear cut line between two sovereign states, but frontier is not clearly defined, it is fuzzy and diffuse narrower or wider zone between two nations, where one state ends and another begins,frontier never exactly fixed. international frontiers are always remain in conflict or compromise.

Comparison Between Boundary And Frontier

A boundary clearly defined by a line, whereas the frontier has more region or zone having width as well as length in the land areas of two nations, and the region length, width, are not fix and the exact line limit, where one country ends and another start. On the other hand, the frontier is always remain vague and indefinite term, until the boundary set-up between the two countries, or the frontier between neighbouring States. In frontier no limit is set to, until an actual line or boundary is defined by treaty or war, the frontier is generally remain open to dispute until the actual boundary is demarcated between the disputed neighboring countries. In the context of India, the boundary between the India and Bhutan border has no disputes because it is clearly defined international boundary and It is well demarcated boundary by international treaties rules. On the other hand the example of a frontier, which is the North Western Frontier Province, which is always remain in conflict between the India and pakistan. which is used by the British colonial as a barrier to limit the influence of Afghans on British Empire in India. At last to stop the dispute The Durand Line was commissioned by the British between India and Afghanistan.