Mar 20, 2022

Canadian Pacific Railway Trains Strike

Canadian Pacific Railway Trains

Canadian Pacific Railway Shutdown

Canadian Pacific Railway Trains were halted Sunday morning, blocking global shipments of manufactured goods and commodities like fertilizers, after a stalemate in contract talks between the company and its drivers and engineers. Canadian Pacific Railway Canada Conference represented by more than 3,000 conductors, engineers and yard workers and released a statement around midnight Sunday Eastern Time saying the railroad had triggered the lockout. The Canadian Pacific Railway union failed to meet the deadline for approving a new contract. . A spokesperson for the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference said the union expects to be back at the bargaining table with a mediator on Sunday after a labor dispute with Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. resulted in a shutdown work late Saturday. More than 3,000 conductors and engineers at CP Rail are on the picket line after the company and union failed to reach a deal by midnight. CP Rail and the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference say the other party is responsible for the shutdown of parking trains when supply chain disruptions are already severe. The Canadian Pacific Railway union issued a subsequent statement in addition to the lockout, members of the Canada Rail Conference were also on strike across the country,  Federal Labor Minister Seamus O'Regan's office said in a statement that although the work stoppage has begun, the two sides are still at the negotiating table with mediators and it expects. Due to the Canadian Pacific Railwayas shutdown the inflation rate, products shortages, fuel prices rising in Canada. The Canadian Pacific Railway company failed to reach a negotiated settlement or agree to binding arbitration. Canadian Pacific Railway shutdown 'one more nail in the coffin' for Manitoba businesses: Canadian Pacific Railway defenders issue 72-hour lockdown notice on Teamsters Canada The union said in its statement that 'he wanted to continue negotiations, but 'unfortunately the employer chose to put the Canadian supply chain and tens of thousands of jobs at risk. Canadian Pacific Railway should be reprimanded for the decision.