Mar 24, 2022

British Rule Expansion Under Lord Wellesley Governorship

British Rule Lord Wellesley Governorship

British Rule Expansion Policy Of Wellesley Governorship

When Lord Wellesley came to India in 1798, the British rule expansion happened at large scale in India during the Governor-Generalship of Lord Wellesley, during the British France life-and- death struggle all over the world. Lord Wellesley want to bringing as many Indian states as possible under British control. Due to the Mysore and the Marathas, power conflict Political conditions in India were propitious for British rule expansion policy of Lord Wellesley. He started three methods, the system of Subsidiary Alliances, outright war, and the assumption of the territories of previously subordinated rulers. Under the Subsidiary Alliance system, the ruler of the allying Indian state was compelled to pay subsidy for maintenance of the British force within his territory. The East India Company, was in support with such policy. the British in India don't want the French influence across the country and, for this British curtail and crush any Indian state that try to do business with France. In 1798, Lord Wellesley first Subsidiary Treaty was with Nizam of Hyderabad. Nizam dismissed his French-trained troops and maintain British subsidiary force of six battalions. the British promised to protect Nizam state from Maratha invasion. In 1801, Subsidiary Treaty was compelled to sign with the Nawab of Avadh by forced to surrender, nearly half of his kingdom included Rohilkhand and the land between the Ganga and Jamuna to the British in exchange with a larger subsidiary force, after that the Nawab has no independent in his state's internal administration, he must only accept the British authorities advice, and Nizam's police force was under the control and supervision of British officers. Nizam own army was destroyed, and after that British were free to station troops in any part of the country. Mysore, Carnatic, Tanjore, and Surat were also taken by Wellesley’s Subsidiary Treaty. Lord Wellesley army attacked and defeated Tipu sultan, Before reaching French assistance to Tipu, who was heel and preventing by the French. The East India Company's dominion in India was threatened by the invasion of Kabul ruler Zaman Shah, who had been invited by Tipu to drive out the British from India. Wellesley’s expansionist policy had been checked by the East India Company.