Uppsc Pcs State Psc Upsc Ias General Study QnA. Part - 1

Uppsc Pcs State Psc Upsc Ias General Study QnA

Uppsc Pcs State Psc Upsc Ias General Study QnA.

Q- The Chinese writers mention India by the name of
Ans.- Yin-tu.

Q- Who was not an Alvar Saint ?
Ans.- Tirugyan.

Q- Who was the last to be initiated in his religion by Gautama Buddha?
Ans.-  Subhadda.

Q- Sita in Maurya age means,
Ans.- revenue from crown land.

Q- What was Dar-ul-Shafa established by Feroz Tughlaq ?
Ans.- A free hospital.

Q- Who was the medieval king
responsible for introducing the silver coin called 'tanka' in North India ?
Ans.- Itutmish.

Q- The earliest occurrence of the mantra famous as Gayatri Mantra is found in the following text,
Ans.- Rig Veda.

Q- The Dakshinamurti idol of Shiva depicts him in which form ?
Ans.- Teacher.

Which one of the air pollutants can affect blood stream leading to death ?

Ans.- Carbon monoxide.

Q- Which one is the bio indicator of air pollution ?

Ans.- Lichen.

Q- Acid rain is due to air pollution by,

Ans.- Nitrous oxide and Sulphur dioxide.

Q- The disease caused by deficiency of protein in children is,

Ans.- Marasmus.

Q- Photosynthesis using the invisible part of the sunlight is done by some,

Ans.- Bacteria.

Q- Euro emission noms are emission standards and these represent a package setting limits for emission from a vehicle. Which of the following gases is covered under this ?

Ans.- Carbon monoxide, Hydro carbons and Nitrogen oxides.

 Q- Which one of the following is important strategy for the conservation of biodiversity ?

Ans.- Biosphere Reserves.

Q- Among the biotic components of the ecosystem, the producer system is,

Ans.- Green Plants.

Q- The 'Eco Mark' Scheme was launched in 1991 to encourage consumers to buy products of less harmful environmental impact. Which one of the following consumer products is not notified under this Scheme ?

ans.- Drugs and Antibiotics.

Q- To meet Euro-II emission standards, what should be the sulphur content in the ultra low sulphur diesel ?

Ans.- 0.05 percent or less than this.

Q- Which one of the following diseases is not transmitted by tiger mosquitoes ?

Ans.- Japanese Encephalitis.

Q- Climate change is caused by,

Ans.- Green house gases, Depletion of ozone layer and Pollution.

Q- Which one substances does not contribute to global warming ?

Ans.- Oxides of Sulphur and Nitrogen.

Q- Which is the correct definition of Agenda 21 ?

Ans.- It is an action plan for thec onservation of global environment in 21 century.

Q- Which of the following group of gases contribute to the "Green House Effect" ?

Ans.- Carbon dioxide and Methane.

Q- Which of the following is the most stable ecosystem ?

Ans.- Ocean.

Q- Endangered species are listed in,

Ans.- Red Data Book.

Q- Who among the following was at the centre of controversy at the Jaipur Literature Festival in January 2013 ?

Ans.- Ashish Nandy.

Q- The recent pact for investment in the infrastructure sector in India signed by Sheikha Lubna Bin Khalid Al Qasimi with India's Industry Minister Anand Sharma signifies pact with,

Ans.- United Arab Emirates.

Q- Who among the following has been nominated to probe the stampede at the Allahabad Railway Station on February 10, 2013 during the Kumbh ?

Ans.- Hon. Justice Onkareshwar. Bhatt

Q- Former CBI Director Ashwini Kumar has been recently appointed Governor of,

Ans.- Nagaland.

Q- The Ambassador of which country was in news recently for giving an affidavit in the Supreme Court of India and not honouring it ?

Ans.- Italy.

Q- Which eminent Indian journalist has been appointed as the editor of Time International in March 2013 ?

Ans.-  Bobby Ghosh.

Q- Which one of the following days was not a Shahi Snan (Royal Bath) day during the Kumbh held in Allahabad in 2013 ?

Ans.- Maha Shivaratri.

Q- At the 85 Academy Awards function held in February 2013, the Oscar for the best film was won by,

Ans.- Argo.

Q- Among the following who was conferred Padma Vibhushan in 2013 ?

Ans.- Prof. R. Narasimha.

Q- Who won the 2013 Pritzker Architecture Prize which is considered to be the Nobel Prize in architecture, announced in March 2013 in Los Angeles ?

Ans.-  Toyo Ito.

Q- Which one of the fqllowing projects got a ruling in India's favour in February 2013 by the Hague's Permanent Court of Arbitration ?

Ans.- Kishanganga Hydel Project.

Q- Who is the author of the Shiva Trilogy the third book of which The Oath of the Vayuputras was launched in February 2013 ?

Ans.- Amish Tripathi.

Q- The recently released film "Kai PoChe" is based on the novel,

Ans.- The 3 Mistakes of My Life.

Q- Which country has the highest percentage of its geographical area under forests ?

Ans.- Japan.

Q- The place where China has started construction of a dam on River Brahmaputra in NoV. 2010 is ?

Ans.- Zangmau.

Q- The Adam's Bridge begins from? 

Ans.- Dhanuskodi.

Q- Which of the following countriesa ccounts for about two thirds of earning of its total export from rice trade?

Ans.- Myanmar.

Q- The country at the top in terms of percentage of total coffee production in the world is ?

Ans.- Brazil.

Q- Among the following Union Territories the female literacy is highest according to Census 2011.

Ans.- Lakshadweep.

Q- The mirror used by a dentist to

examine the teeth of patients is ?

Ans.- Concave.

Q- Wireless communication is reflected by which surface of earth?

Ans.- lonosphere.

Q- Sound above what level (in decibels) is considered hazardous noise pollution ?

Ans.- 80 dB.

Q- What type of electromagnetic radiation is used in the remote control of a television ?

Ans.- Infrared.

Q- The radiation that is absorbed by ozone present in the atmosphere is ?

Ans.- Ultraviolet.

Q- Which one of the following gases is used for the purification of drinking water ?

Ans.- Chlorine.

Q- From where was the 100 Space

Mission of ISRO launched in

September 2012 ?

Ans.- Sriharikota.

Q- In the end of September 2012, India has successfully launched its heaviest communication satellite named ?

Ans.- GSAT-10.

Q- U.P. Science Congress was Organised from 2 to 4 March, 2013 at ?

Ans.- D.D.U. Gorakhpur University,


Q- The group of stars arranged in a

definite patiern is called,

Ans.- Constellation.

Q- Refrigeration helps in food preservation by,

Ans.- Reducing the rate of biochemical reaction.

Q- The 2012, Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded jointly to a French Scientist and an American Scientist for their research in

Ans.-  Quantum Physics.

Q- According to a recent news (March 2013) the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the United States Space Agency NASA, have agreed to form a working group for cooperation in which of the following endeavours?

Ans.- Moon and Mars Missions of future, Meteorology Exploration and Heliophysics.

Q- On March 29, 2013 a Russian Space Craft established a new record by reaching the International Space Station (SS) in only 6 hours, While earlier the space crafts used to take two to three days to reach the ISS. Which is this space craft,

Ans.- Soyuz.

Q- In Uttar Pradesh, a Lion Safari' is

being established in,

Ans.- Etawah.

Q- Who was declared Man of the Series in India-Australia test series held in February-March 2013?

Ans.-  R. Ashwin.

Q- The winner of ICC 'Women's World Cup' held in February 2013, was,

Ans.- Australia.

Q- Who was declared the best actress at the 60 National Film Award function held on 18 March 2013 ?

Ans.-  Usha Jadhav.

Which of the versions of Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missile successfully test fired by India in

March, 2013 ?

Ans.- Submarine version.

Q- In which Conference in October 2012, did the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh announce the Hyderabad Pledge to spend 5 crore dollars ?

Ans.- Conference on Biodiversity.

Q- The new Pope, Francis first hails from,

Ans.- Argentina.

Q- Who out of the following became the first lady President of South Korea in Feb. 2013 ?

Ans.- Park Geun-Hye.

Q- The 2015 Cricket World Cup will be held in,

Ans.- Australia and New Zealand.

Q- In Uttar Pradesh. I.T. City is being established in,

Ans.- Lucknow.

Q- BRICS Summit was held in March 2013 in,

Ans.-  Durban.

Q- Apart from the satellite "SARAL" ISRO launched six more satelliteş on 25-2-2013 from Sriharikota belonging to some other countries whose number is?

Ans.-  Five.

Q- Who among the following has been honoured with the "LifeTime Achievement" award in the 58 Film Fare Festival held on 20-1-2013 ?

Ans.- Late Yash Chopra.

Q- Who among the following International Cricket players was awarded the Yash Bharti Award of 2013 ?

Ans.- Suresh Raina.

Q- Who among the following foreign dignitaries visited Jallianwala Bagh during his tour of India in Feb, 2013 ?

Ans.- Prime Minister of Britain.

Q- The Uttar Pradesh Government on 24 December 2012 decided to issue cards to Industrialists associations for easy access to its offices. The name of this card is,

Ans.- Gold Card.

Q- The President of which of the following countries fled to Cameroon in March 2013 because of rebellion ?

Ans.- Central African Republic.

Q- Out of the following Indian dignatories, who was the special guest at the 45th Independence Day function of Mauritius on March 12, 2013 ?

Ans.- President.

The Island Nation situated in the South Pacific Ocean which suffered huge loss due to earthquake generated Tsunami on February 6, 2013 is,

Ans.-  Soloman Island.

Q- Who is the author of the book Tendulkar the Cricketer of the Century released on 20-3-2013 at Delhi ?

Ans.- Vimal Kumar.