Feb 14, 2022

United States Black Mental Health Roundtable

USA Black Mental Health Roundtable

Black Mental Health Roundtable In United States

On the occasion of Black History Month celebrations in the United States, the White House organized a virtual roundtable on Black mental health and wellness with Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance from the Department of Health and Human Services, Golden Globe Award-winning actress and singer, Taraji P. Henson, professional tennis player U.S. Open Champion Sloane Stephens, and WNBA MVP Players’ and Los Angeles Sparks spoke about their own mental health challenges. The conversation also highlighted by the Biden-Harris Administration to prioritize mental health and diversify United States nation’s behavioral health workforce.

Mental Health

Mental health is Serious consideration for anyone. mental health disorders can be treated. Almost 1 in 5 adults in the United States of America will experience some form of mental health disorder, and one in every 22 is living with a serious mental disorders illness, like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression which affects someone under the age of 18, called a serious emotional disturbance. people think that serious mental illness patients look visibly different, but in reality it is not, someone with mental illness don’t look ill because they get over it by using their willpower.

Mental Disorders Illness Signs

Many people in the United States don't seek treatment for mental health disorders, because they don't know mental disorders illness symptoms. There is no easy test to tell mental disorders illness of a person, like symptoms of others physical illness. Each illness has its own symptoms, and mental disorders illness in adults and adolescents can have the following symptoms.

Excessive worrying or fear.

Feeling excessively sad or low.

Confused thinking and problems of concentrating and learning.

Extreme mood changes.

feelings of irritability and anger.

Avoiding friends and social gathering activities.

Sleeping habits changing and feeling tired low energy.

Eating habits Changing such as increased hunger or lack of appetite.

Changes in sex drive and delusions or hallucinations.

Alcohol or drugs habits.

Headaches, stomach aches, vague and ongoing aches and pains without obvious causes.

Thinking about suicide tendency.

Problem in daily activities and handling stress.

Fear of weight gain and concern about appearance.

Mental health disorders is the main problem in young children. Because they don't know how to identify and express their thoughts and emotions. in the children the most obvious symptoms are behavioral symptoms such as, Changes in school performance, Excessive worry or anxiety, instance fighting to avoid bed or school, Hyperactive behavior, Frequent nightmares, Frequent disobedience or aggression, and frequent temper tantrums.

Mental Disorders Illness Treatment

Mental Disorders IllnessTreatment helps people to disrupt their addiction, powerful effects on the brain and behavior, and regain control of their happy lives. There are many kinds of treatment for mental disorders illness recovery like, 

Detoxification Or Detox Treatment.

Interim Care Treatment. 

Outpatient Treatment.

Hospital Inpatient Treatment. 

Residential Live In Care Treatment.

Transitional Housing Treatment.

Co-occurring Mental Health Substance Treatment.

Integrated Care Treatment. 

Telemedicine Treatment.