Feb 2, 2022

Smart Cities Mission In Eastern Uttar Pradesh

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Smart Cities Mission Characteristics In Eastern UP

The Smart Cities Mission is designed for the development of economic growth and to improve the people's quality of life by enabling local area development by the modern advanced technology, that leads to Smart outcomes. with the help of smart technology the the under developed areas including slums, will be converted into better planned smart cities, which will improve the liveability of the whole City. in these smart city new greenfield areas will be developed in order to accommodate the growing population in urban areas. new application of smart technology solutions will enable cities to use better services, information data to improve infrastructure and comprehensive development. in this way the smart cities mission will improve quality of life, will create new employment and enhance incomes of the people, especially the poor and the disadvantaged. In eastern uttar pradesh under the smart cities mission Agra won the award for the micro skill development centre. The faster achievement of the physical and economic targets under the smart cities mission in eastern uttar pradesh Lucknow was selected in the first round. in the second round of the smart cities mission Kanpur, Agra and Varanasi selected and in the third round under the smart cities mission Prayagraj, Aligarh and Jhansi were selected, which will include following characteristics Social Aspects, Good Governance, Culture, Urban Environment, better Sanitation, Economy growth, Built clean environment, Clean Water, Urban Mobility and the new Sustainable Business model under the smart cities mission.