Jan 10, 2022

NITI Aayog Objectives & Three Years Plan

Objectives Three Years Plan

NITI Aayog Objectives

NITI Aayog objectives is to the  development of nation and States with the overall development of the society, NITI Aayog priorities sectors and strategies to foster cooperative federalism mechanisms with the States to make the plans for the village level development, national security, and economic strategy and policy to take economic progress benefit for our society and country. NITI Aayog design long term strategic policy and programme frameworks. NITI Aayog learn lessons by monitoring and feedback and make innovative improvements, necessary corrections to encourage stakeholders and national interest. NITI Aayog take help from international like-minded think tanks, educational policy research institutions to create innovation entrepreneurial support system for the national and international practitioners and other partners. NITI Aayog maintain state-of-the-art resource centre for the good governance practices and sustainable development to stake-holders. NITI Aayog monitor and evaluate the implementation of programmes and initiatives, by upgrading technology  implementation to the execution of the national development agenda in the following sectors,

Agriculture Allied Sectors

Aspirational Districts Programme

Communication and Social Media

Data Management and Analysis Technologies

Economics and Finance

Education and Governance Research

Governing Council Secretariat Coordination

Industry and Infrastructure-Connectivity

Natural Environment Resources Development

Project Management Appraisal  Division

Public Private Partnership

Rural Development

Science and Technology Innovation

Social Justice Empowerment

Skill Development, Labour Employment and Urban Development

Women and Child Health Nutrition Development

State Finances Coordination

Sustainable Development Goals

Water and Land irrigation Resources

NITI Aayog's Three Year Action Plan 

NITI Aayog's three-year action Plan (2017-2020), prepared by NITI Aayog think-tank, has replaced the five-year plans of the erstwhile Planning Commission. it will also include a fifteen year vision document and a seven year strategy document. Under the NITI Aayog's three-year action Plan the share of non-developmental revenue expenditure imply substantial expansion by 2019-20 on education, health, agriculture, rural development, defence, railways, roads and other categories of development.