Jan 5, 2022

India's Composite Culture

India Usa Composite Culture

India's Composite Culture Society

India is the country of high diverse rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, higher spiritual values of life, and it is known in the whole world for peace and values of life. The composite culture of India has various religions and cults, which are flourishing in the every part of country side by side. the composite culture is the soul of India.

Advantage of Composite Culture

From the early Vedic Age, we have got the social, religious and spiritual values, which have great influence on our social life. The age of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna thought us the doctrines of Karma and Truthfulness, which left deep influence on our culture beliefs. the Buddha's life teachings peace and ahimsa imparted new refinement to our glorious composite culture. the Great Nanak brought succor to the suffering of humanity. The Islamic Moghul emperors Akbar, introduced a new religion called Din-i-Ilahi, based on the principle of oneness of God. After Moghuls, the era of british rule in India was the dark period of Indian history. But during this period, We learnt the power of unity, patriotism and merits of a democratic polity. Indian culture is a composite culture, because here every one has freedom to profess, practise and propagate their religion. India has many races, castes, sub-castes, nationalities and communities, and one hundred and fifty dialects, and eighteen recognised regional languages,  but the heart of India is one. From Kashmir to Kanya Kumari and from Maharashtra to Nagaland, Hindi is recognised as the National Language of India. India has a rich cultural heritage in the fields of music, fine arts, dance, drama, theater and sculpture, beside that we have a bond of unity and brotherhood between people of difference faiths and creeds. the south temples and the caves of Khajuraho, Ajanta and Ellora are the examples of India’s proficiency in sculpture and architecture. Indian classical music and dances have worldwide popularity. We should feel proud to be a part of such rich composite cultural heritage. we should remain to ready accept and adopt anything good coming from any direction.