Jan 20, 2022

Impartiality Commitment Integrity In Civil Service

Impartiality Commitment Integrity Service

Impartiality In Civil Service

The civil servants should be impartial in carry out their day-to-day duties and works. The Civil Service required commitment of equality, not to act favours to anyone or discriminates against particular individuals or interests. But in reality civil servants can not be totally impartial, when they are serving to the Government day to day works. The Civil Servants should maintain political impartiality, no matter what are their own political beliefs. act in a way to retains the confidence of Ministers, and able to maintain the same relationship with those, who will come in future Government.

Commitment In Civil Service 

In India April  21 every year celebrated as ‘Civil Services day’. on this occasion the civil servants commit commitments to public service and excellence in their work. the first Home Minister of Independent India, Sardar  Vallabhbhai Patel referred to civil servants of India as the ‘steel frame of India’. the civil servants should always be remain firmly committed to their words, deeds and promises. commitment is the most important ingredient of the civil servant's character. the civil servant in their personal life can break commitment, and rebuild  relationships again in personal life. But in official life, breaking a commitment or promise can not be undone or taken back, because the civil service work affects public at large.

Integrity In Civil Service

Integrity is the quality of any person to being honest with strong moral principles. Integrity in ethics is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness accuracy actions. the integrity is the main characteristics of the civil servants. integrity strengthens the sense of mission in a civil servant for the welfare of society. the civil servants should have set a highest standards of integrity and morality. so that he or she will be able to uphold high personal and professional standards in all circumstances. integrity requires truthfulness, freedom from deception and fraud, fair straight forward conduct, and sympathy in a civil servant to well beings of others.