Jan 4, 2022

Gandhi's Views On Varna System

Gandhi's Views Hindu Varna System

Gandhi's Views On Hindu Varna System

Gandhi ji was belief in the varna system, according to him Varna system should have internal flexibility and mutually tradable in the Hindu society. according to Gandhi's Varna system, a shudra must do his hereditary duty, and if he has the potential of performing priestly duties he must perform priestly duties, without sacrificing or rejecting his ancestral duties. Gandhi's Varna system had flexibility for all the varnas in the Varnashrama system. according to Gandhi's Varna system brahmin have the right to pick up arms and learn the techniques of warfare or perform the duties of a shudra. Gandhi's varna system was not hierarchical. All the four varnas were equal in status and functional to the society. all the four varnas were free to horizontally and mutually replaceable. However, in the practical way varna system is hierarchical and religious and social disabilities imposed on all the four varnas. the starting of Varnashrama system came into existence in the early Vedic age 2500 BCE to 1500 BCE. in the first 25 years of life every one have Brahmacharya Ashram to be celibate and acquire skills and education to be employable. next 25 years in Grihastahram to acquires a house, gets married and begets children. after completion of 50th years of life, enter to the Vanaprasthahram for living in the forests for the next 25 years to meditate and acquire knowledge and wisdom. the Sanyasahram begin in the last 25 years of life in which person has renounced everything and lives the life of a mendicant to deliver acquired life knowledge and wisdom  to the people. In the original form of the varna system there was both vertical and horizontal mobility in the Indian version of division of labor and duties. during the later Vedic age 1500 BCE to 500 ACE, when Manusmiriti or Manavadharmashastra was written the varna system change into closed and rigid Caste system. Gandhi ji never practiced Varna system and his ashrams were free from Varna system and the rigid caste based system. the  concept of swaraj by gandhi was also free from religion and caste system. However, Gandhi ji believe was to defended the Varnashrama system with non-hierarchical based principle. Gandhi ji believe that birth alone cannot determine the Varna of a person.