Jan 8, 2022

Family, Society, Educational Institutions Values

Educational Institutions Values

Role of Family in Inculcating Values 

Values are regarded enviable, imperative apprehended high esteem of a individual. Values give strength to character of any individual by reflect one’s personal attitude, judgments, decisions, choices, behaviour, relationships, and vision. These values are the guiding principles of life that bring joy, satisfaction and peace. Role of Family in inculcating the value is the backbone of the society. The family is the only unit in society to pass values on to the children, about culture, eternal values of Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Non-Violence. these values are passed first in the family by mothers. Mother is foundational life-shaper of the children.

Role of Society, Educational Institutions in inculcating values

Values may vary from time to time from one society to another. But, every society has certain moral values, which are accepted by all the societies as global values. these are morality, honesty, duty, truth, friendship, and brotherhood. The educational institutions plays important role in the development of society and individual values. The teachers play a pivotal role in the promotion of values. Educational Institutions should focus on socio­economic, socio-political and socio-cultural values. Society can overcome most of the problems, by giving life skills education values by the educational institutions. Teachers play a very important role in molding the future of a country. An educational institute focus should not only on teaching and learning but it should be considered as the seeds of discipline, devotion and commitment in the students. They should also teach about the direction of life to bring joy, satisfaction and peace in the life. But there is great degradation and devaluation in various spheres of life such as political, social, philosophical, economic, educational, cultural, religious, administrative. the Educational Institutions play a very important role in the overall development of society, by inculcating values such as moral, spiritual, religious, social, economic and cultural values among the students and promote human values in the society. as we know that education without vision is considered as waste, education without value is considered as crime, and education without mission is considered as life burden. so educational institutions should build strong people with strong character with value based education.