Nov 20, 2021

Christmas Day Celebration In United States USA

Christmas Day in United States

United States Christmas Day USA

What is Christmas Day and, Why Christmas Day is celebrated around the world. Christmas annual festival is the most festive season in the united states and world. Christmas Day In The United States is a Christian festival, which is celebrated every year on 25 December. Many people in the United States on December 25, celebrates Jesus Christ's birth.

Background of Christmas Day

Christmas is celebrated in the United States all churches to celebrate the birth of Christ. In the USA Christmas celebrations people of USA include the candles lights and decorate the Christmas tree, which is the symbols of the everlasting light and life. In Roman This time was a relaxing time with a lot of parties and merry making. on this occasion it were very common to give other people small gifts, such as toys for children and candles for adults. This festival was the celebration of the winter solstice, which fell on December 25 in the Roman calendar. In Scandinavia, this festival called Yule and remain up to twelve days in late December and early January. people burnt logs and held parties. in the Bible there is no precise date for the birth of Jesus on 25 December. During the middle of the 1800s, Christmas was not celebrated because partying and merry making was seems to be as unchristian. after 1840, Christmas became more widespread and in 1870, December 25 was declared a federal holiday in the United States. Since then Christmas Day has become a steadily more important holiday in the United States.

Christmas Day Holiday

Christmas Day is a united states government's all works public holiday in the united States. all the schools and most businesses are closed on that day.

Christmas Day Celebration In The United States

In The United States Christmas Day celebration is done by the American people, starting decorate their homes, and meet to family or friends house and exchange gifts each others. The united states of america's people decorate their house with candle lights using Christmas trees. people opens presents, which are received from family and friends on Christmas Day morning, this is the traditions of Christmas day. people organize a special festive foods, for family or friends. Children receive a lot of gifts from their parents, relatives and by the Santa Claus on Christmas Day, a lot of american families spends a large part of their income on gifts and food on Christmas Day. Many American schools, churches and communities organize special events on Christmas Day. American people decorate their neighborhood, beautifully decorate shopping mall in the city, and decorate Christmas tree by display lights. The people of America organized concert performance in the united states. They start lot of plays and songs of Christmas theme in the every parts of the United States and charitable projects for homeless people arrange by some american groups. 

Public Life on Christmas

The United States Government give a holiday on Christmas, all government offices organizations businesses and schools are closed on Christmas day, almost all the United States residents people visit their relatives or friends homes, due to which congestion on roads, highways and at the united states airports. USA Public transit systems don't run on their regular schedules on Christmas Day. In general, public life closes down completely in the USA on Christmas Day.