US State Department 231st Anniversary Celebration

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United States Department Of State 231st Anniversary

The US State Department celebrates its 231st anniversary on 27th July as the country's first executive agency. This is the United States milestone opportunity to reflect the role of American diplomacy in advancing the interests, security, and economic prosperity of the American people. The United States, US State Department team work extraordinary and promoting demonstrating our democratic values, and advancing the cause of a free peaceful prosperous world. Since the celebration of our last anniversary a year ago , We have continued our pressure on the Iranian regime to end its support for terrorism and other volatile activities, promote peace in Afghanistan, where the parties are on the verge of inter-Afghan dialogue for the end of forty years of conflict, and The true nature of the Chinese Communist Party was revealed to our allies and partners around the world. The United States Department of State welcomed North Macedonia as the 30th NATO member and released our plan to implement the US strategy on women, peace and security because empowering women to lead is the right thing to do, and it will secure the world. In 2020 we are facing unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, US State Department team of great Americans and locally employed staff added to the department's legacy by repatriating more than 100,000 US citizens by 1,180 flights from 136 countries and territories. In partnership with USAID, the US state department team has worked to provide more than $ 1.5 billion in US support to enhance the ability of our global partners to fight the coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic, In addition the State Department worked hard to lift the state's export restrictions so that medical, equipment, and supplies could flow overseas from the United States through private-sector supply chains. This remarkable contribution by The US State Department deserves the thanks of our nation. we all Americans are very proud of the US State Department's Champions of Diplomacy, who daily expose our professional ethos as they advance foreign policy with One Mission and One Future.