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United States Space Exploration Day 2020

The United States celebrate The American Space Exploration Day 2020, the essential role that American space exploration plays in the history and character of The United States. We honor the United States brave astronauts and space industry professionals both past and present, and we pledge to continue to lead the world deep into space, stars and beyond. This year's Day of Space Exploration Observation occurs when we begin a new era of human space exploration. After a nine-year hiatus, American astronauts once again entered space from American Earth on rockets built by American workers. In addition, SpaceX Demonstration Mission 2 was the first crew launch of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) commercial crew program, which sent a humans by commercial company to orbit for the first time in history. These monumental feats of last year's space exploration are tremendous efforts to take remarkable efforts to new heights. To build on this momentum and confirm America's position as a global standard carrier for innovation, and as the world's largest astronaut nation, the united states government's administration has instructed NASA to return to the moon, To create a base of operators to live the bar and to obtain Mars. Through NASA's Artemis program, the United States will send the next man and first woman to the lunar surface by 2024. Soon, the rover will launch from the Persians, the Kennedy Space Center, bound for Mars to the Jazero Crater, highlighted along the way. Our brave American astronaut for a day. With Helicopter Ingenuity, we will test flight operated on another world for the first time, to fulfill the mysteries of the Red Planet in a day to proudly fly our great American flag, and fly as a beacon of American creativity in the galaxy Will apply for On Space Exploration Day, we pay tribute to the nation's legacy of leadership in space, and to those who came before us to remember those who have sacrificed so much for our country's successes, and the great discovery of space Has pledged to honor his achievements to continue. Exploration and Understanding in the 21st Century.