United States Russia Dialogue On Space Security

United States Russia On Space Security

US Russia Dialogue On Space Security

The United Ststes Strategic Security Dialogue with Russia, both sides agreed to establish US-Russian dialogue on space security. It took a little longer to get those pieces together and the meeting was actually scheduled, There will be a differential delegation of the United States officials to conduct the US-Russia Space Security Exchange with our Russian counterparts in Vienna early next week, which we are calling SSE. We hope this meeting allows us to explore ways to increase stability and security in outer space. As well as developing norms for responsible behavior in that critical domain. We hope that, this will resume channel for diplomatic engagement with Russia. this space dialogue includes not only state participants, but also the Department of Defense and Energy, staff of the National Security Council, as well as commanders of the Space Operations Command in the new US Space Force. The Russian side will include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the representative of the Ministry of Defense and the Russian Space Agency, Roskosmos. Now, there is a lot for our teams to discuss this space dialogue, of course. To be clear, Moscow and Beijing have already made a place in the battlefield, as I am sure you have come to light especially after the announcement of the US Space Command, Russia launched another orbit weapon for tested in July. So while both Russia and China engage in diplomatic sportsmanship over what they claim is "space arms control", in other words, both russia and the United States are building new anti-satellite weapons to threaten allied space services. SPACECOM's announcement makes it clear, Russia diplomacy against the deployment of "weapons in outer space", Russia has already launched projectile- Tested satellite weapons, Working in space considers unchanged access and freedom to be an important interest, and we are committed to defending such space access and preventing any harmful interference to or with critical components of our space architecture. But The United States hope that this space dialogue to be held next week in Vienna. a bilateral discussion of each other's policies and activities in outer space for the US and Russia. There will be an opportunity to strengthen understanding, and to advance the development of norms of responsible behavior to avoid misbehavior or misunderstanding, which may inadvertently increase.  We are happy to have this dialogue with the Russia.