The United Kingdom Ban Huawei For Future 5G Networks

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United Kingdom Ban Huawei from future 5G networks

The United States welcome news that, the United Kingdom is planning to ban Huawei from future 5G networks and deliver unreliable equipment from existing networks in the United Kingdom. With this decision, the United Kingdom joins a growing list of countries around the world, who stand up for their national security by prohibiting the use of unreliable, high-risk telecom equipments providers vendors. We will continue to work with our British friends to promote a safe and vibrant 5G technology telecom network ecosystem, which is critical to translatonic security and prosperity. The momentum is growing in favor of secure 5G telecom networks. Britain joins democracies such as the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Sweden to ban telecom services provider vendor Huawei from future 5G telecom networks. Clean carriers such as Jio in India, Telstra in Australia, SK and KT in South Korea, NTT in Japan, and others have also banned the use of Huawei devices in their telecom networks. The countries who are deploying 5G telecom network, they are required to ensure the need of trust on this 5G telecom network equipment and software provider vendors will not be the threats for the national security, economic security, privacy, intellectual property or human rights and individual privacy.